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[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asyncronous sPring Swiss 2019 (XCAPS19) - Draft Tourney!


Great turnout for this tourney so far, I’m excited! Two more days to sign up, would love to have 16 players!


All right y’all, happy first day of spring! Today is the day for the tournament to begin!

Remember that it is Player 2’s job to post the forum topic in the Play-By-Post Category, have that post contain their first spec selection for the draft, and copy + paste the exact match title posted here to ensure properly working links.

Good Luck everyone, have fun and let me know when the match is over by tagging me @FrozenStorm so I can record results!

XCAPS19 Round 1

  1. [XCAPS19] FrozenStorm :knockdown: vs EricF :medal_sports:
  2. [XCAPS19] CarpeGuitarrem :knockdown: vs zhavier :medal_sports:
  3. [XCAPS19] charnel_mouse :knockdown: vs Bomber678 :medal_sports:
  4. [XCAPS19] Dreamfire :knockdown: vs bansa :medal_sports:
  5. [XCAPS19] Nekoatl :knockdown: vs Marto :medal_sports:
  6. [XCAPS19] James :knockdown: vs Shadow_Night_Black :medal_sports:
  7. [XCAPS19] codexnewb :knockdown: vs bolyarich :medal_sports:


For those using my spreadsheet and ending up with a starter that does not match any of your 3 specs, I recommend filling in a spec that DOES match in the first slot, hitting START GAME and then changing the spec to the correct spec.


@Marto please start your game with @Nekoatl soon!


So in the interest of providing all the information, I’m sharing the (modified) template for tracking the tournament that @zhavier gave me so folks can keep up with standings (and point out if I make a mistake in data entry!)

You can few how I’m keeping track here

Interesting to note that through 4 games, Player 2 is 4-0 under this format!

and @Marto where you at? Yours is the only game that has not started yet :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the sheet! It looks like the F column in the Round sheet is adding those extra spaces / URL hyphens?


The extra hyphens are coming from theF and G columns, the sheet was expecting a codex to follow the names. If you edit the formula in F and G you can remove the second half to stop looking for the codex name and adding the space.

Once that’s edited, you should be able to just paste the values from Round F and G into Round Summary C and D, rather than hand typing them.


Thank you @zhavier, got it fixed now :slight_smile: It’s interesting learning a little more about Spreadsheet coding; I’ve been a web programmer for awhile now but have never had a serious need to get deep in spreadsheets!


I would say spreadsheets are the first real coding i ever did. I can do some excel wizardry.


Apologies for the delay posting new pairings folks, will get to it tonight, been a very busy day…


Okay fam, here are the new matchups for the coming week! Player 2, start your threads with the confidence that P2 is 6-0 thus far!

XCAPS19 Round 2

  1. [XCAPS19] FrozenStorm :knockdown: vs CarpeGuitarrem :medal_sports:
  2. [XCAPS19] charnel_mouse :knockdown: vs Dreamfire :medal_sports:
  3. [XCAPS19] Marto :medal_sports: vs James :knockdown:
  4. [XCAPS19] EricF :medal_sports: vs codexnewb :knockdown:
  5. [XCAPS19] zhavier :medal_sports: vs Bomber678 :knockdown:
  6. [XCAPS19] bansa :medal_sports: vs Nekoatl :knockdown:
  7. [XCAPS19] Shadow_Night_Black :knockdown: vs bolyarich :medal_sports:

Note @Marto you still have time to start and play your R1 game vs @nekoatl, but by this time next week I will be forced to give you a forfeit for failing to start your game. Please do your best to be timely, everyone, and try to communicate proactively if you’re unable to play in a timely fashion.

GL HF everyone!


I believe codexnewb and ericf should be swapped for first and second


Oh? How did I screw that up? I agree that you’re right, just not sure what I messed up editing the sheet to miss that


Easy to overlook :slight_smile:


I’d like to propose an addendum to the general tournament rules, where if a player fails to post a single turn in the first 3 rounds, any adjudicated wins for players matched against the missing player should be converted to byes, and the missing player should be removed from the win/loss statistics entirely.

It’s one thing if a player quits a game in progress, but getting a win for a game that simply wasn’t played doesn’t feel right to me, especially if it means that later on I have the same chance of getting a bye as a player who didn’t win a game by default. Also, adding wins and losses to the tournament results which had nothing to do with a codex’s performance seems less than useful for purposes of statistically evaluating strengths.


Agree, I had actually already thought about that and an in progress on solutioning it for matchups


Ok gang, we have 4/7 Round 2 matches complete (with a 5th pretty well decided), and all of round 1 (thanks for catching up @Marto!). On to…

XCAPS19 Round 3

  1. [XCAPS19] bolyarich :knockdown: vs zhavier :medal_sports:
  2. [XCAPS19] Marto :medal_sports: vs bansa :knockdown:
  3. [XCAPS19] EricF :wave: vs Shadow_Night_Black :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones:
  4. [XCAPS19] Bomber678 :knockdown: vs Dreamfire :medal_sports:
  5. [XCAPS19] Nekoatl :medal_sports: vs FrozenStorm :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones:
  6. [XCAPS19] codexnewb :medal_sports: :white_flag: vs charnel_mouse :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones:
  7. [XCAPS19] James :medal_sports: vs CarpeGuitarrem :knockdown:

I think this should have everyone properly matchmade but anyone if you notice you’ve played 3 as p1/p2 or you’re matched against someone with a 2-game difference in record, let me know and I will fix it!



@Shadow_Night_Black please begin your round 3 match vs @EricF!


Sad to be kicked out so early, but I’ve enjoyed the draft format and would happily get stomped in it again.


I unfortuantely will not be available the next two weeks. Getting married and going offline. With 2 losses, ill just drop out. Draft was fun all. best of luck to everyone!