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[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asyncronous sPring Swiss 2019 (XCAPS19) - Draft Tourney!

Getting married and going offline? Big occasion!


Have a wonderful wedding @codexnewb, thanks for participating!


Apologies for the day-late posting gang, here are the new matchups!

XCAPS19 Round 4

  1. [XCAPS19] zhavier :medal_sports: vs Marto :knockdown: :timer_clock:
  2. [XCAPS19] Dreamfire :knockdown: :white_flag: : vs EricF :medal_sports:
  3. [XCAPS19] bansa :medal_sports: vs bolyarich :knockdown:
  4. [XCAPS19] CarpeGuitarrem :medal_sports: vs Nekoatl :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones:
  5. [XCAPS19] Bomber678 :medal_sports: vs James :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones:

@Shadow_Night_Black gets a bye in hopes last week’s matchup vs. EricF can be caught up to, and @charnel_mouse and I are the first to be officially eliminated (with @codexnewb conceding based on scheduling)

GL HF to all those remaining!


grats, mate. Wish you a world of luck and happiness!

@FrozenStorm I’m going to have no internet access for the next week and a half, so with 2 losses, I think I’ll just drop out too. GL HF to everyone still standing!

Sorry to hear that @Dreamfire, but appreciate the heads up :slight_smile:

With @Shadow_Night_Black also completely MIA, That leaves us with 7 remaining (hopefully @Marto will come back soon as well)

XCAPS19 Round 5

  1. [XCAPS19] bansa :knockdown: vs zhavier :medal_sports:
  2. [XCAPS19] EricF :medal_sports: vs Marto :knockdown::timer_clock:
  3. [XCAPS19] bolyarich :medal_sports: vs CarpeGuitarrem :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones:

@Bomber678 was assigned the bye :wave:



Working on winning this event with the lowest possible “stength of schedule”

@EricF I don’t think your SoS has much bearing on your known and recognized skill :wink:

Well we do kinda need @Marto to finish his games to have 100% perfect matchmaking, but I will give him until EOD before adjudicating his R4 match. In the meantime this is the most proper seeding we have

XCAPS19 Round 6

  1. [XCAPS19] zhavier :medal_sports: vs EricF :knockdown:
  2. [XCAPS19] Marto :knockdown::skull_and_crossbones: vs bolyarich :wave:
  3. [XCAPS19] Bomber678 :medal_sports: vs bansa :knockdown:

@CarpeGuitarrem was eliminated last round, and we will have at least one more elimination (potentially two) this round.



Unfortunately I’ve been forced to eliminate @Marto on account of his absence, which gives @bolyarich a retroactive bye. Thus, we will have a rematch and an elimination match for round 7 here in what is now our final 4!

XCAPS Round 7

  1. [XCAPS19] EricF :medal_sports: vs zhavier :knockdown:
  2. [XCAPS19] :medal_sports: bolyarich vs Bomber678 :knockdown::skull_and_crossbones:

GL HF to all four of you!


So zhav is the only one remaining without a bye, which means our semi finals will be

  1. [XCAPS19] bolyarich :knockdown::3rd_place_medal: : vs EricF :medal_sports:

GL HF you two!


Congrats to @bolyarich for finishing third! @EricF has emerged victorious in round 8, which means @zhavier and @EricF are our two finalists! You two play until someone loses two, @zhavier is P1 for the next game (I’ll make a fancier post tomorrow)

XCAPS19 Round 9

  1. [XCAPS19] zhavier :medal_sports: vs EricF :knockdown:

So, I was looking at my draft options, and decided tgat I could no longer operate under the constraint of not “relying on” a spec or starter that was instrumental in a previous win.
Necromany is just too nice as a support spec/counterdraft.

So, with 5 real wins, the winning choices were:
Purple + Peace
Demon + Anarchy
Black + Truth + Growth + Necro
Red + Feral
Neutral + Strength + Present

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Congrats to @zhavier on his win in round 9, that puts him on match point!


XCAPS19 Round 10

  1. [XCAPS19] EricF :knockdown: :2nd_place_medal: vs zhavier :1st_place_medal:
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Congrats to @zhavier on a very impressive tournament run and win! Shout out to @EricF on second place and @bolyarich for third place :slight_smile:

That concludes XCAPS19, everyone, thanks to all who participated!


Stats for the curious:

Starter Count in finished games Count in games timed out after deck picks Total
Black 19 1 20
Neutral 12 1 13
White 11 1 12
Purple 11 11
Green 5 1 6
Red 4 1 5
Blue 2 1 3
Spec Count in finished games Count in games timed out after deck picks Total
Finesse 26 3 29
Demonology 22 2 24
Necromancy 18 1 19
Strength 15 2 17
Blood 14 1 15
Peace 13 1 14
Anarchy 11 1 12
Truth 10 1 11
Discipline 9 2 11
Growth 9 2 11
Feral 7 1 8
Disease 7 7
Past 6 6
Present 6 6
Balance 5 5
Law 4 1 5
Fire 4 4
Future 4 4
Bashing 1 1
Ninjitsu 1 1

Counts don’t include bolyarich starting with Feral/Green against Marto, since I only looked at matches where picks were completed. Bomber and Dreamfire predicted all of the popular picks between them, except for Truth.