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[Tournament] RACE #3 - Final Showdown!

The third Round-robin Asynchronous Codex Extravaganza is now accepting signups!

For this tournament, each player will choose to participate as either a Tortoise or a Hare, with a goal of accumulating as many match wins as possible in the 30 day period.

For Tortoise players:

  1. You may submit up to two sets of specs + starter (your “decks”).
  2. You will be given two Tortoise-Tortoise pairings on Nov 1, one for each deck.
  3. As each match finishes, any Tortoise participants of that match will be paired into a new match, to maintain two active matches per Tortoise
  4. If an opponent is inactive for several days, you may request an additional match be made for you.
  5. New pairings will normally occur on Monday and Thursday, but they might happen more often, at my whim. No new pairings will be generated after November 23rd.

For Hare players:

  1. You may submit any number of different “decks”
  2. All Hares will be paired round-robin against all other Hares on Nov. 1, and have until Nov. 30 to complete their matches.
  3. Hares are always considered available to pair with Tortoises

No two players will be paired together more than once, and an effort will be made to balance the number of times you go first and/or use each of your submitted decks.

After the November 30 conclusion of the Round-Robin portion, final standings will be determined, and 4 players will be invited to participate in a post-Race single elimination playoff for the title of RACE #3 Champion.

The four slots will be:

  1. Top Tortoise - the Tortoise with the most wins
  2. Top Hare - the Hare with the most wins, counting only matches in the Hare vs. Hare round-robin
  3. Best Win % - the player, regardless of animal, with the highest percentage of matches won (Minimum 4 matches completed)
  4. Designer’s Intent - a player who used only a single mono-color (no neutrals) deck for all matches, and did not have a match adjudicated against them for delay of game. (Minimum 4 matches completed)

In the event of a tie for any slot, the tiebreak is overall standing. Note that there will be a tie for slot #4, as any player who limits their deck selection automatically qualifies for it.
If a single player wins more than one slot, the top player(s) from the overall standing will be invited to fill out the bracket (without regard to slot-based criteria).
In the unlikely event that more than 30 players sign up, there will be a top 8, rather than a top 4, with two players invited for each slot.

Final Standings will be based on:

  1. Number of Match Wins
  2. Match Win Percentage (Match Wins / (Match Wins + Match Losses))
  3. Limited head-to-head (If exactly one player has played against, and defeated, all other players with the same number of Match Wins & Match Win Percentage, that player is ranked ahead of the other player(s). Not recursive or re-applied.)
  4. Opponent’s Match Win Percentage (Arithmetic mean of all opponent’s Match Win Percentage numbers, not weighted for the number of matches they played)
  5. Fastest Player (an arbitrary ranking based on how quick each player was at taking turns. This will almost certainly not have any effect, but I needed something that was guaranteed to be unique as the final tiebreaker.)

RACE points (total number of players / place [at best 4th], rounded) will be awarded based on the Final Standings. APT points (cross-tournament prestige points) will be awarded based on the single elimination results.

General Rules / How Things Work:

  1. The player who goes first in each match will be pre-determined
  2. For Hare vs. Hare games, the first player is responsible for creating the game thread.
  3. For games involving a Tortoise, I will create the thread.
  4. Tag @EricF when a winner has been determined.
  5. You may continue to play and be paired regardless of the number of matches you have won and/or lost.
  6. Matches are 1 game.
  7. The default will be to play all matches as play-by-post within the forum, but a match may be played in an alternate format (in person, on an alternate platform, via snail-mail, whatever) by mutual agreement.
  8. I am accepting volunteers to help Judge the event.
  9. If any rulings are necessary, any single Judge who is not participating in that match may make a ruling.
  10. Rulings are subject to appeal only if the judge making the ruling is wrong about the facts of the game (eg, forgetting that a Building Inspector is in play, or the Shrine of Forbidden Lore only makes Demons unstoppable by units) or the rules/FAQ as noted at and/or the Rulings thread.
  11. Please note this suggested format, and include hand, tech and worker decisions either in a spoiler, or in a linked source that I can get to. For games involving me, you can send a private link to a different judge
  12. Matches have not concluded by December 1 will be given an adjudicated result

[details=Details of unfinished match adjudication]
Matches subject to adjudication may have a Win declared for the player who is, in the judgement of the Judges,

  1. “going to win” (having clear hand/tech spoilers is helpful for determining this)
  2. Less responsible for the delay of game, OR
  3. For no-one, if the match has not progressed beyond turn 2, and both players were responsible for the delay. A match with no winner is treated the same as a match that was never started.[/details]

[details=Nit-picky details about correcting game errors]In the event of a game error, one of three fixes will be implemented:

  1. If a unit, hero, or building took the wrong amount of damage, and changing it to the correct amount does not cause anything to leave play or not leave play, then the damage will be corrected.
    1a. If not enough gold was spent, and the excess was floated, the gold total will be corrected. If too much gold was spent, the excess will be refunded. The possibility of theft (red starter, Anarchy, or Law) does not impact this, as both players are responsible for maintaining the game state. An actually executed theft (or failure to steal after taking the appropriate action) forecloses this remedy.
  2. The game will be backed up to the turn of the error. In this case, having the decisions / game state noted is important for re-constructing things. Any random events that are undone (eg, drawing cards) must be re-randomized, regardless of the size or type of error. Normally the entire turn containing the error will be backed up and re-done, but if knowledge has been gained, or cards drawn, and the error occurred after the new information was gained, the Judge must only back up to the point where new information was revealed.
  3. If neither of the above apply. the game will be left as-is, if I feel a backup cannot be performed (for example, an error occurs on Turn 2, and it is now Turn 4, both players have made decisions, reshuffled, etc. based on the incorrect game state).
    Regardless of remedy, players should feel free to use any information disclosed by their opponent’s error in making gameplay choices. For example, an opponent’s tech choice revealed via a card illegally played and then returned to hand.
  4. In the case of repeated errors, or errors where the gamestate cannot be recovered, a game loss may be given if the error was substantial.[/details]

To sign up, send me a private message with your choice of Tortoise or Hare, and which deck(s) you will be using. You may change your deck(s) and animal up through October 31.

Late signups will be accepted without explicit penalty, although you will be at a disadvantage since you will have less time to finish matches.

Tortoise Players:

  1. FrozenStorm (deck(s) received)
  2. Castanietzsche (deck(s) received)
  3. Request (deck(s) received)
  4. YoungBuck (deck(s) received)
  5. Ryjak (deck(s) received)
  6. Anemone (deck(s) received)
  7. Barrelfish (deck(s) received)
  8. PiHalbe (deck(s) received)
  9. PointyFinger (deck(s) received)
  10. Jadiel (deck(s) received)
  11. snoc (deck(s) received)
  12. Mooseknuckles (deck(s) received)
  13. cinder (deck(s) received)
  14. Hobusu (deck(s) received)
  15. momi (deck(s) received)
  16. lettucemode (deck(s) received)
  17. cstick (deck(s) received)
  18. Jake (deck(s) received)
  19. CarpeGuitarrem (deck(s) received)
  20. jasonwocky (deck(s) received)
  21. Jude (deck(s) received)
  22. petE (deck(s) received)

Hare Players:

  1. Bob199 (deck(s) received)
  2. Marto (deck(s) received)
  3. zhavier (deck(s) received)
  4. EricF (deck(s) received)
  5. Bomber678 (deck(s) received)

Dragon Player:

  1. Legion (deck(s) received)

Player’s currently eligible for “designer’s intent” slot:


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Holy shit; this is crazy. In.


As my rabbit brother said: the more you play, the more you play.

In ! :rabbit2:

I’ll join the Ninja Turtles :turtle:

I’ll join as the noble Hare. I also volunteer to assist judging as needed.

Hi ! I’m in, as a :turtle: !

In as an unhelpful Turtle

I think you meant December?

Ill take a Ninja Turtle Slot!

if i can’t eb a dragon, may it be a puny hare or a sluggish turtle is the same.
I’m in

Sounds like :turtle: is well fit for a noob. So, I’ll join the ranks.

Would like to play as a Tortoise

If you haven’t submitted your deck(s) yet, you have one week to do so!

Oooh, I’m going to turtle this up I think. Can’t wait to get destroyed with highly suboptimal plays!

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I will be home so I will be a hare

I’d like to be a tortoise! :turtle:

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My November is kind of busy, so I’ll sign up as a turtle.

@Marto @Bomber678 @PointyFinger @YoungBuck don’t forget to message me your deck selections (or remind me if I merely missed them)

:turtle: - Reporting in.

Will message you my decks.

Edit: Decks sent.