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[Tournament] RACE #3 - Final Showdown!

I’ll consider them and should get you an answer tonight or tomorrow.

I’ll join as a :turtle:

Neat tournament format! Seems like this might be more to my speed than CAFS. In as a :turtle:

I’d join as :turtle: too.

Old :rabbit: in

26 players are signed up and ready to go: let me know in the next 16 hours if you want to change your decks, animal designation, or sign up fresh!

Initial pairings coming in about 5 hours…


Hare Pairings:

RACE #3: Marto (Mono Purple) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Bob199 ([Discipline]/Blood/Truth)
RACE #3: Bomber678 ([Future]/Peace/Blood) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Bob199 ([Discipline]/Blood/Truth)
RACE #3: Bob199 ([Discipline]/Blood/Truth) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: EricF ([Demon]/Necro/Bashing)
RACE #3: Bob199 ([Discipline]/Blood/Truth) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: zhavier (Mono Black)
RACE #3: EricF ([Bashing]/Necro/Demon) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Bomber678 ([Balance]/Peace/Law)
RACE #3: Bomber678 ([Feral]/Strength/Truth) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Marto ([Strength]/Discipline/Finesse)
RACE #3: zhavier (Mono Black) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Bomber678 ([Balance]/Peace/Law)
RACE #3: EricF ([Demon]/Necro/Bashing) vs. Marto (Mono Blue)
RACE #3: zhavier (Mono Black) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: EricF ([Bashing]/Necro/Demon)
RACE #3: Marto ([Strength]/Discipline/Finesse) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: zhavier (Mono Black)

Initial Tortoise Pairings:

RACE #3: jasonwocky ([Demon]/Necro/Anarchy) vs. Ryjak (Mono Purple)
RACE #3: snoc (Mono Green) vs. jasonwocky ([Demon]/Necro/Anarchy)
RACE #3: Jude (Mono White) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Hobusu (Mono Red)
RACE #3: CarpeGuitarrem (Mono Green) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: cstick ([Demon]/Fire/Balance)
RACE #3: Anemone (Mono Black) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Jake (Mono White)
RACE #3: Hobusu (Mono Red) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Anemone (Mono Black)
RACE #3: Jadiel (Mono Purple) :psfist: vs. :disappointed_relieved: Momi ([Demon]/Strength/Truth)
RACE #3: Mooseknuckles ([Past]/Peace/Balance) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Jadiel (Mono Purple)
RACE #3: Ryjak (Mono Purple) vs. CarpeGuitarrem (Mono Green)
RACE #3: Castanietzsche (Mono Blue) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Barrelfish ([Necro]/Blood/Growth)
RACE #3: Momi ([Feral]/Fire/Future) :disappointed_relieved: vs. :psfist: Request (Mono Red)
RACE #3: PointyFinger (Mono Green) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: lettucemode ([Disease]/Discipline/Fire)
RACE #3: Barrelfish ([Necro]/Blood/Growth) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: PiHalbe (Mono Red)
RACE #3: YoungBuck (Mono White) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Castanietzsche (Mono Blue)
RACE #3: Request (Mono Purple) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Anemone (Mono Black)
RACE #3: cstick ([Demon]/Fire/Balance) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Mooseknuckles ([Past]/Peace/Balance)
RACE #3: lettucemode ([Disease]/Discipline/Fire) vs. snoc (Mono White)
RACE #3: FrozenStorm (Mono White) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: cinder (Mono White)
RACE #3: PiHalbe (Mono Black) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)
RACE #3: petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: YoungBuck (Mono Black)
RACE #3: Jake (Mono Black) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: FrozenStorm (Mono White)

Dragon Matches:

RACE #3: cinder (Mono Black) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Legion ([Past]/Law/Anarchy)
RACE #3: Legion ([Past]/Law/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Jude ([Disease]/Present/Growth)


You have me playing Mono White on both of my matches.

Thanks - I’ll fix it.

Wait what’s a dragon?


I don’t know. Legion really wanted to be a Dragon. So, I’m going to give him some input on which order he faces opponents, and he’s only eligible for the “top win %” slot.


If your tortise match wasn’t started, feel free to start it yourself - I actually hit the forum max number of new topics.

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FYI: I tried clicking the link in this thread to my match with CarpeGuitarrem, but the link says that the thread doesn’t exist or is private. However, the thread does actually exist. So, there may be an issue with whatever method you’re using to generate the links.

Same goes for my two games. :frowning: Only the RACE #3: Barrelfish ([Necro]/Blood/Growth) vs. PiHalbe (Mono Red) exists and can be accessed from the forum page.

The link can exist before the thread does. If one of your games does not exist, you should be able to create it, and then the link will work :smiley:

Just tried that. It seems, though, that there is a “#” in the link in this thread which I cannot reproduce in the thread I created on my own. I have the “#” in the title, but it won’t show up in the URL. (link in this thread)


RACE #3: PiHalbe (Mono Black) vs. petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth) (creating new thread)

ah, it appears when the thread is created it strips out the # from the URL, so EricFs links probably won’t work as written.

Also, did cstick change from being a hare to a tortoise?

Yes he did. I’ll fix the links right now.