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Codex PBF tournaments

I encourage everyone interested in practicing their Codex to sign up for the ongoing PBF tournaments. It’s a great way to get in some reps in a play-to-win environment.

I’m currently running two ongoing series:

RACE (Now taking signups for RACE #3), which is a more casual series that allows for lots of round-robin play, with a Top 4 for bragging rights.

CASS, which is a seasonal series of swiss tournaments, more seriously minded, and possibly leading to some sort of qualifier for FSX. The next in this series, CAWS (Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss) will start on the first day of Winter: Wednesday December 21. These are a lesser time commitment, running one match per week.


@EricF runs himself a strong tourney, and as someone who went from total newbie to decent player purely by playing by forum (and probably 60-70% of my forum games have been from tournaments) I highly recommend these as a way to improve!

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You have one scheduled match a week? or you are just given all your matches and you are expected to finish an average one per week? I can’t really run multiple games at a single time so if that is expected I wouldn’t be able to play but if it was just one match a week I’d consider entering.

Also do you have a list of people and their codex that have won tournaments you’ve run?

Depends on the tournament. In the cass series it’s roughly one a week.
In the race tournaments, or at least the latest one, you can choose to either get heaps of matches all at once, or just play two at a time, and get a new one as you finish each one.

I would love to play in a PbP Tournament, but first I’d have to try a few PbP games, which seems daunting. It seems impossible to play that way with my smart phone, and I can’t seem to get the Excel Spreadsheet which generates all the Forum Text to work.

Here’s my pro tip: Use a computer.
Also don’t use this forum software, because you can’t just copy and paste your last turn. You actually have to copy the plain text from before you post. It’s awful.

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Id be happy to offer suggestions on making the google spreadsheet work. Just hit me up, in thread or PM.

Reminder bump that CAWS is coming up in a couple of weeks, and there will likely be another iteration of RACE in February.

Come on in, the water’s fine! And there are some great games happening in these events:

CAFS 2016: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. Alhazard ([Necro]/Blood/Truth)

CAFS 2016: Anemone (Mono Black) vs. Zejety ([Finesse]/Discipline/Strength)

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I’d like to join CAWS ^^ One match per week seems like the beez knees.

Be sure to send me a PM with your squad choice.