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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Fall Swiss 2016 - Complete!

Round 4 Pairings

CAFS 2016: Anemone (Mono Black) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Zejety ([Finesse]/Discipline/Strength)
CAFS 2016: FrozenStorm ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAFS 2016: Alhazard ([Necro]/Blood/Truth) :psfist: vs. :disappointed_relieved: Swagmaster-Turtle (Mono White)
CAFS 2016: Marto ([Necro]/Blood/Truth) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Pooh-Bear (Mono Black)
CAFS 2016: Khel ([Feral]/Peace/Blood) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Bomber678 ([Feral]/Strength/Truth)
CAFS 2016: cstick ([Demon]/Law/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: lettucemode (Mono Green)
CAFS 2016: Castanietzsche (Mono Blue) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: CarpeGuitarrem (Mono Red)
CAFS 2016: PointyFinger (Mono Red) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: StrixVaria (Mono Red)
CAFS 2016: Barrelfish ([Necro]/Blood/Growth) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Mooseknuckles([Growth]/Necro/Strength)
CAFS 2016: zhavier (Mono Green) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: jasonwocky (Mono Purple)


PPA mirror HYPE!

I’m going to get my butt kicked…

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I’m gonna be watching this one with great interest! It’s really going to come down to who understands the matchup better and techs better and plays the most tightly, I think. You have my support; you’ll need everything you can muster up against Eric!

Yea I am quite confident he understands how to tech this deck better, but we’ll see how I fare :wink:

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I’m now officially out of the tournament. Thanks for having me, everyone. It’s been a great pleasure (to lose three times :smiley:).

I might be lurking around (though without playing, I will hardly learn anything, at my skill level).

Thank you for introducing me to this PBF format. I’ll be available for some casual entry level PBF, if anyone is interested. Thanks to @EricF for organizing and general helpfulness.

And best of skill to all of you, especially the ones that beat me. :wink:

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Be sure to sign up for RACE #3 if you haven’t already!

for what it’s worth, I feel like the best way for me to learn Codex was to forum stalk EricF and Marto


The best way for me to learn was to get stomped a LOT… and also lots of forum stalking.


Round 5 Pairings

These are early, but the elimination level matches aren’t going to finish in time, so for everyone else, you can get started:

CAFS 2016: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Anemone (Mono Black)
CAFS 2016: CarpeGuitarrem (Mono Red) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Zejety ([Finesse]/Discipline/Strength)
CAFS 2016: Marto ([Necro]/Blood/Truth) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: cstick ([Demon]/Law/Anarchy)
CAFS 2016: Alhazard ([Necro]/Blood/Truth) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Castanietzsche (Mono Blue)
CAFS 2016: Pooh-Bear (Mono Black) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: FrozenStorm ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAFS 2016: Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: StrixVaria (Mono Red)
CAFS 2016: lettucemode (Mono Green) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: zhavier (Mono Green)
Winner of Bomber678/Khel gets a BYE.

Swagmaster_Turtle had to drop out.

Current Standings (updated 10/24):
(4-0): Anemone, EricF
(3-1): Zejety, Alhazard, cstick, Marto
(2-1): CarpeGuitarrem, Castanietzche,
(2-2): FrozenStorm, lettucemode, StrixVaria, Mooseknuckles, Pooh-Bear, zhavier
(1-2): Bomber678, Khel,
(1-3): Swagmaster_Turtle, Barrelfish, PointyFinger, jasonwocky
(0-3): RealPiHalbe, bravo840, Drakona

I admit I am rooting for green mirror match… But that makes certain assumptions about how my game will go :wink:

Oh boy, this will be intense!

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@EricF @Pooh_Bear for some reason the link to our game isn’t live, has the thread not been created or is something strange there?

Game hasn’t been created. I determined it was easier to have my macro generate all the links, rather than copy them individually.

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Looks like you got your wish

Final round 5 paring is @lettucemode vs @zhavier.

Round 6 will be delayed until at least one of the Round 5 matches finishes, or until Monday when I’ll feel justified in Adjudicating (or at least picking a winner for pairing purposes) @Alhazard vs. @Castanietzsche and @CarpeGuitarrem vs. @Zejety. Note that next week was set aside as a catch-up week, so this delay is eating into that time. Round 7 will be posted Nov. 10 as planned.

I’m chugging along as fast as I can…

I am confident my game will finish in the next few turns… Mainly cause I think I’m about to lose.

I like how the two matches I specifically didn’t call out are the ones commenting on their efforts.


Players who slow things down will be forced to play bashing in future tournaments


Would you care to elaborate for a newbie? Is Bashing really bad? Or really slow? Or really fast (I doubt it)? Thx.