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[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asynchronous Fall Round Robin 2021 (XCAFRR21): Mono Color Six Shooter!

If this is a too big advantage I’ll still vote for route 2.

There are tiebreakers like “sum of win counts for players that player beat”, but I’ve lost track of whether those are considered fair enough.

Pedantically, the given tournament rules only said we’d take the top X, so taking the top 8 is within the rules!

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Alright everyone, I’ve made an executive decision we’ll seed all 8 players (I’m not randoming 1 out of 5 for the last spot of a top four or 1 out of 3 for the last in a top 6, this is all for fun anyway).

I did random draw for “seeding” amongst the presumptive 5 tied players (which included moving one of the Group A players to Group B, Bomber).

Games will be
1 Zango vs 4 Frozen
2 Charnel vs 3 OffKilter

1 Zhav vs 4 Carpe
2 Dreamfire vs “3” Bomber (moved to group B 3rd seed)

High seed will have side selection (we’ll random final round if there’s ties for seedings).

By Wednesday I need a list of the three color decks you’re going to play, no River subs, no repeats so you must play 3 unique decks up to finals.

You can post here or PM me. I will take the order you give them to me as the order you intend to play them in (so first color is Quarterfinals, second Semis if you make it, third Finals if you make it)

Tagging everyone to ensure you see above: @zhavier @zango @Dreamfire @charnel_mouse @Bomber678 @OffKilter @CarpeGuitarrem


Assuming still subbing Troq into Black?

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Correct, Black is still “Bashed Black” w/ “Troq as a black hero” + Troq spells subbed only for Vandy + Vandy spells


Assumedly high seed gets to pick side after they see the decks?

Yeah, even though it means more waiting logistically, think that’s probably the right move

Thanks to all who have submitted deck selections! Just need @Bomber678 and @CarpeGuitarrem to reveal and get sides selected

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I’m curious to know what others have chosen to round off red and black for their 3 decks.


Unsurprisingly there is a few folks selecting red and black.

@Bomber678 need them decks still bud

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1 Zango White vs 4 Frozen Red
2 Charnel Black vs 3 OffKilter Purple

1 Zhav White vs 4 Carpe Red
2 Dreamfire White vs “3” Bomber White

With those revealed, I need side selections from @zhavier @zango @charnel_mouse and @Dreamfire , then I will post the match links! DMs or replies here are fine (though DMs probably best to minimize noise to others)

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Unsurprisingly high seeds all elected P1. GL HF everyone!

XCAFRR21 Quarterfinals

  1. [XCAFRR21] QuarterFinals: zango vs FrozenStorm
  2. [XCAFRR21] QuarterFinals: charnel_mouse vs OffKilter
  3. [XCAFRR21] QuarterFinals: zhavier vs CarpeGuitarrem
  4. [XCAFRR21] QuarterFinals: Dreamfire vs Bomber678

@FrozenStorm do you mind publishing the rest of the color choices? I’m curious…

I will do it post-tourney, gonna keep it in DMs for now

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The links need the extra hyphens removing.

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": " reduces to just one hyphen instead of 2.

Yeah, and the hyphens are being left in when there’s no deck.

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I fixed them, lmk if you still see issues


Yeah, it 's fine now. Just how the spreadsheet deals with blank cells. No offence meant, zhavier :wink:

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Here comes semifinals!

1 Zango Red vs 3 OffKilter Red

1 Zhav Black vs 2 Dreamfire Red

With those colors revealed, I need side selections from @zhavier and @zango

Happy Thanksgiving to our US players!