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[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asynchronous Fall Round Robin 2021 (XCAFRR21): Mono Color Six Shooter!

[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asynchronous Fall Swiss (CAMS) 2021

Now taking signups!

Welcome everyone to our quarterly tournament for the Fall! As per tradition, Spring and Fall have been our forum community’s time to try odd formats, and this time we’ll be trying out “Six Shooter”.

This format will require everyone to play each monocolor deck exactly once in a round robin, and then no more than once in a single-elim tourney (for those who make the cut), with a slight balance change.

  • Troq & his spells will be swapped into Black for Vandy & her spells (Demon units remain) Troq will be able to cast Black spells as if he were a “Black hero” (so pays 0 for Deteriorate, 2 for Sacrifice the Weak, just like Garth and Orpal)
  • Players may opt to swap River + Finesse tech tree in for any other spec outside of Black (so for example, could swap in River/Finesse for Bigby/Law in Blue, which I anticipate some will prefer to do)
  • Matches will be round-robin with randomized color matchups, posted ahead of time and roughly suggested into three “groupings”, allowing players to play two matchups at once if both players wish, with two-week time frames to finish both matches in a grouping
  • Round robin matchup groups will depend greatly on how many players sign up. Probably will aim for pods of 3 or 4 players if possible, so you will play the same player multiple times w/ different color matchups
  • Cutdown will take the top X (TBD based on number of participants, probably 4 or 6 maybe 8) from groupings to do a single-elimination tournament, where we will pre-submit color choices to me (and not allow the same color to be played more than once in the playoff).

Tradition is to start these on the Solstice or Equinox and we are on schedule for that this time, so first pairings will be posted Around 10am CDT (UTC-5) on Wednesday, September 22nd

General Rules / TLDR of How Things Work:

  • The player who goes first in each round will be pre-determined, each player will have 3 P1 and 3 P2 matchups in their 6 games

  • The first player is responsible for creating the game thread

  • Tag @FrozenStorm when a winner has been determined.

  • Matches are 1 game.

  • The default will be to play all matches as play-by-post within the forum, but a match may be played in an alternate format (in person, on an alternate platform, via snail-mail, whatever) by mutual agreement, until the field is reduced to four or fewer players. (Make sure to let the TO know if you are playing outside PbF)

  • I am accepting volunteers to help Judge the event (adjudicate disagreements on rules and correcting errors in play). You could be an authorized judge! @zhavier and @Shadow_Night_Black have been authorized

  • If any rulings are necessary, any single Judge who is not participating in that match may make a ruling.

  • Rulings are subject to appeal only if the judge making the ruling is wrong about the facts of the game (eg, forgetting that a Building Inspector is in play, or the Shrine of Forbidden Knowledge only makes Demons unstoppable by units) or the rules/FAQ as noted at and/or the Rulings thread.

  • Please note the forum suggested post generation spreadsheet, or one of the other format suggestions (like this or this) such that it include hand, tech and worker decisions, either in a details + spoiler combo … (cont below)

Like this

Here’s my hidden stuff

  • (cont above)… or in a linked source that I can get to. This helps with judgements, adjudication, as well as spectators. For games involving me, you can send a private link to a different judge if you so choose, but as with all PbF games, honor system is in place: don’t peek at your opponent’s spoilers, just as you wouldn’t grab cards out of your opponent’s hand / deck / discard / worker pile and look at them in a IRL tournament!

All pairing groups will be posted at tourney start. Matches that are not progressing at the two per two week interval may be given an adjudicated result.

Details of unfinished match adjudication
  1. Matches where Player 1 has posted their 5th turn within a week will not be adjudicated until 3 days after(Thursday)

  2. Matches where Player 1 has posted their 10th turn by that Friday(11 days after pairings) will not be adjudicated until Monday(the two week mark).

  3. Matches subject to adjudication may have a Win declared for the player who is, in the opinion of the Judges,

a. “going to win” (having clear hand / tech spoilers is helpful for determining this)

b. Less responsible for the delay of game, OR

c. For no - one, if prior arrangements were made, or the match result isn 't critical for making the next round of pairings, or if a “catch up” week is coming up.

  1. Generally I will be pretty generous about allowing for extra time, provided I’m given notice of absence. If you ‘re ghosting the tourney with no notice however, don’t be surprised if you’re given forfeit losses!
Nit-picky details about correcting game errors

In the event of a game error, one of three fixes will be implemented:

  1. If a unit, hero, or building took the wrong amount of damage, and changing it to the correct amount does not cause anything to leave play or not leave play, then the damage will be corrected.

a. If not enough gold was spent, and the excess was floated, the gold total will be corrected. If too much gold was spent, the excess will be refunded. The possibility of theft (red starter, Anarchy, or Law) does not impact this, as both players are responsible for maintaining the game state.

b. An actually executed theft (or failure to steal after taking the appropriate action) forecloses this remedy.

  1. The game will be backed up to the turn of the error. In this case, having the decisions / game state noted is important for re-constructing things. Any random events that are undone (eg, drawing cards) must be re-randomized, regardless of the size or type of error. Normally the entire turn containing the error will be backed up and re-done, but if knowledge has been gained, or cards drawn, and the error occurred after the new information was gained, the Judge must only back up to the point where new information was revealed.

  2. If neither of the above apply, or if I feel a backup cannot be performed, the game will be left as-is. (For example, an error occurs on Turn 2, and it is now Turn 4, both players have made decisions, reshuffled, etc. based on the incorrect game state).

  3. Regardless of remedy, players should feel free to use any information disclosed by their opponent’

s error in making gameplay choices.For example, an opponent 's tech choice revealed via a card illegally played and then returned to hand.

  1. In the case of repeated errors, or errors where the gamestate cannot be recovered, a game loss may be given if the error was substantial.

Won’t be accepting late sign-ups this time due to the nature of the round-robin pairings work needing to be done up front

List of players participating:

  1. FrozenStorm, (no Finesse substitution)
  2. zango (River <-> Bigby)
  3. charnel_mouse (River <-> Quince)
  4. Dreamfire (River<->Setsuki)
  5. Bomber (River <-> Calamandra)
  6. zhavier (River <-> Bigby)
  7. Juan_Enriquez (sub tbd)
  8. OffKilter (no sub)

You can find the current standings on the “Tracker” tab of this spreadsheet (LINK TBD)


Tagging @Bomber678 @charnel_mouse @zhavier @Dreamfire @bolyarich @flagrantangles @dwarddd @Nekoatl @zango @CarpeGuitarrem to start encouraging the signups!


Count me in! Don’t know yet, what to substitute, but I love my River, so I’ll definitely play with her


I’m gonna pass on this one, but thanks for tagging me.

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Yep, I’m in. Balance changes are for both the round robin stage and the single-elimination stage, right?

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River and troq subs in bounds for rr and single elim, yes

I’m in! I’ll probably sub River for Setsuki in white, but not 100% on that yet.

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yeah… I’ll play

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I’m in, of course. Sub Bigby for River.

Hi, Im in :smiley:


Clarification:" Will troq have to spend more to cast black starter spells per normal, or are we treating him as a black hero for this tournament?


Black hero

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Ah, nuts, looks like I’m adding a “Black Bashing” spec to the model :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Lol well I hope it’s not that far off the regular Necro/Disease/Bashing, though I would understand we probably don’t have that being played much/any so far :wink:

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Yeah, closest we’ve had is [Demonology/Necromancy]/Bashing (Dark Horse).

I’ll give it a go! No subs.


Swapping River in for Quince.

Glad to see we’ll have 8 players, giving a bump hoping to get more! Little over a week left to sign up, tag folks if you think they’d be interested and haven’t signed up yet

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do we have to announce our substitutions before the tournament starts?

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They’re getting added / marked as TBD on the player list, so I think so.

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