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About the Codex play-by-forum category

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Suggested (but not required) format for posting turns. This helps your opponent easily see what the board state is, and allows spectators to review your options, and play along at home (or do analysis after the game).

Player X, Turn Y (or you can use this detail as the title of the hidden text, instead of “Turn Summary”)

Turn Summary

This text will be hidden. Include your start of turn hand, tech choices, worker choices, and any additional cards drawn and/or discarded. You can use multiple summaries or put everything in a single one, at your preference.

Note: be sure to put a blank line before the [details] tag, or it won’t hide your text


This text is supposed to be hidden, but it isn’t because the previous line is directly above this one.

List all actions taken, with a running gold total. For example:
Collect 7 gold (7)
Worker (6)
Vandy kills Older Brother
Level Vandy to 3 (4)
Tech II Peace (0)
Discard X, Draw Y, reshuffle, Draw Z. Float G gold (if not zero).

Leader: Ironbark Treant (1/2 +3)
Elite: Hardened Mox (2/1)

Buildings: Tech I (5); Tech II - Peace (5); Tower (4)
Units/Heroes: L3 Vandy (3/4); Pestering Haunt (1/1) {List only those who are not patrolling}
Base: 18
Other: Rich Earth, Bird’s Nest

Workers: 8 (+ 0 gold)
Hand: 4
Deck: 1
Discard: 5
Optionally, include your new hand and discard. Especially relevant against a Blue starter, or an opponent with access to Discipline, Law, or Disease.

New Hand

This text will be hidden


This text will be hidden

You can also use this handy fan-made spreadsheet for tracking your hand/deck/discard contents:


So I’m trying to post my next turn to @Nostradamus, and the forum won’t let me post it, saying “Body is too similar to your most recent post”. Is having a “defined turn structure” to copy and paste in PbP be an issue on these forums? @SG_Staff @sharpobject @Sirlin

Its an anti spam countermeasure. My suspicion is that it is at least in part triggered by an abundance of html formatting that is the same as html formatting in previous posts.

Have you tried posting in a more plain text format?

I’ve been asked once or twice for my post format. It’s lengthy but easy to identify the meat, hides the extra info, and provides insight to me (when I haven’t looked at that game in awhile) as well as to any new / intermediate players who are wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Bonus points; I get better players than me to point out when I’m doing something dumb many times with this format!

How I usually take a turn is to just copy/paste my previous turn, copy/paste spreadsheet values from cards, and then edit each section as I do my turn!

Hope this is useful to folks!

Any conversational text

# Player x, Turn x
P1 [[StarterDeck]/Spec/Shorthand]( vs P2 [Mono Color](

[details=Starting Hand][spoiler]

##Events of Turn:

- Get Gold (x+x float/scav/whatever)
- Draw 1 from Technician or whatever
- Tech 2 cards in OR no techs turn 1

[details=All Teched Cards][spoiler]
and so on
turn 3 techs, comma seperated
turn 2 techs, comma seperated


- do something (count down gold)
- do something else (count down gold)
- Worker Up (usually brings you to 0)

This turn's worker, Turn 2 worker, Turn 1 worker

- :pspurpleshield: Patrol as below
- Discard x maybe rs Draw x
- Float Xg, Tech 2 cards after your turn OR maybe done teching after 10 workers

###Board Info:
- :heart: Base HP: 20

####In Patrol:
- :psblueshield: Squad Leader: 
- :psfist: Elite: 
- :pspig: Scavenger: Wisp (5/6)
- :exhaust: Technician: 
- :target: Lookout: 

####In Play:
- Something I played (stats/abilities)

###Economy Info:

- Hand: 5
- Deck: 0
- Disc: 3

- Gold: 0
- Workers: 5

[details=End of Turn Hand][spoiler]
Copy Paste
From Spreadsheet

[details=End of Turn Discard][spoiler]
Copy Paste
From Spreadsheet

[details=My Thoughts][spoiler]
try to give some insight to any new players on why I'm doing what I'm doing, what considerations about 
the opponent's deck, etc

I’ve searched but have been unable to find any play by forum rules/etiquette/guides, does this exist anywhere or is it basically just “don’t cheat” ?

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I think the only things not mentioned above are the meta-rules:

Post in to request or accept a game. Typically, each player will go to and generate a random number between 1 and 100 (the homepage default), with the higher number going first.

The player who goes first then creates a thread, with a title in the format of:
{optional to specify “casual” - tournament games always start with the name of the tournament to differentiate them} {name of player going first} ([Spec]/Spec/Spec) vs. {name of player going second} ([Spec]/Spec/Spec)
The first spec (optional to put in [brackets]) represents the color of the starter used. For games using a mono-color setup, the specs are usually replaced with (Mono Red) or equivalent.

When the game concludes, a rematch may be offered/accepted in the same thread. Typically the player going first alternates, regardless of who won or lost each game.


I’m sorry for the noob question but how do you handle the cards and draw? If I understand correctly, each player writes all the cards in their hand under spoiler tags and trust the other player not to look at it? How do you randomize card draw and such?

there is a handy google spreadsheet pinned to the codex category that is widely used to play games on this forum.

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