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[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asynchronous Fall Round Robin 2021 (XCAFRR21): Mono Color Six Shooter!

Yes please, gives you a place to coordinate expected start time and cadence, lets me know you’re on top of your games :slight_smile:

Reminder to everyone you should be finished with your Pod 1 matches and starting your Pod 2 matches to keep pace of play.

@Juan_Enriquez we need you to come back or let folks know you’re unable to continue. I will have to adjudicate by next week if we don’t hear anything.

If that happens, I’ll be in a group against just FrozenStorm and zhavier :cold_sweat:

That is accurate and would be unfortunate, given the other group had 5

The groups are somewhat irrelevant, we could reorganize due to drop outs.

If you have a clear path forward to re-organize that in an equitable way I’m all ears, I don’t really have the time to work out how that would work

Juan’s games are turn-balanced in each pod, so we could squash the involved games together to make sure we still get to play all six colours. That does give us a lot to do.


@charnel_mouse @zhavier if we don’t hear from @Juan_Enriquez in the next 24 hours, I will throw out Juan’s games & rematch the three of us to get us to 6 games each. It’ll be a little shuffling but we can manage it

Okay here’s a re-roll of Group B’s Juan matches between the three of us:

Group B Pod 4

  1. [XCAFRR21] Pod4 zhavier [Truth/Peace]/Finesse vs FrozenStorm Purple
  2. [XCAFRR21] Pod4 FrozenStorm Red vs charnel_mouse Black
  3. [XCAFRR21] Pod4 charnel_mouse White vs zhavier White

this should still give us games on all six decks, LMK if I made a mistake though!

In terms of seeding the next round, I’m open to either

  1. keeping it two players from each group, or
  2. Taking the #2 from Group B and the #3 from Group C and having a play-in game

So it isn’t just “well group B had three players, not fair two went to finals”

LMK your thoughts


I’m the newbie, so I might miss a point here, but I don’t think it’s likely that group B second place will end up with only two victories. And I think in group A four victories are enough to be qualified. So all comes down to “are you qualified after scoring three victories?”
In group B that’s definitely the case, in group A it might not be the case.
How about doing this play-in game only exactly if those two both have the same number of victories?

And if you choose to do it differently: I’m perfectly fine with that, sometimes life is just not fair and we definitely are not in a situation where you can achieve fairness as doing a play-in is unfair for the one finishing in second in group B, not doing a play-in might come with an unfair feeling for others…

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Friendly reminder to everyone that you should be wrapped on your Pod2 games and starting your Pod3 games! Pace of play has generally been good, keep it up!

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