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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss 2021 (CAWS21) Signups now open! Tourney Starts Jan 3rd

Happy new year guys! Thanks for the invite @zango. Still occupied with school and all but I should be able to take a couple turns a day. Plus 9 is not a good number for CAS :wink: Let’s make it 10 at least.
My first and crude attempt at multicolor. [Blood/Fire]/Feral.


Welcome aboard bansa :slight_smile:

Posting matchups a little early in anticipation of no other late entries but happy to accommodate other folks wanting to get in on the action. Happy to see a lot of Green starter here (and a brave Blue starter!), a little surprised to see no White or Purple starter! Should be fun though, GL HF everyone!

CAWS21 Round 1

  1. [CAWS21] Round1: P1 bansa [Blood/Fire]/Feral vs P2 Dreamfire [Necromancy]/Discipline/Present
  2. [CAWS21] Round1: P1 FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Balance/Truth vs P2 charnel_mouse [Law]/Fire/Growth
  3. [CAWS21] Round1: P1 Bomber678 [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs P2 zango [Balance]/Anarchy/Peace
  4. [CAWS21] Round1: P1 Moby_Dick [Demonology]/Peace/Finesse vs P2 OffKilter [Finesse]/Feral/Truth
  5. [CAWS21] Round1: P1 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs P2 NekoAtl [Balance/Growth]/Strength

Well we finished early didn’t we!

Crazy busy day of work for me today but I have round 2 pairings, here we go!

CAWS21 Round 2

  1. [CAWS21] Round2: P1 Dreamfire [Necromancy]/Discipline/Present vs P2 FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Balance/Truth
  2. [CAWS21] Round2: P1 zango [Balance]/Anarchy/Peace vs P2 Moby_Dick [Demonology]/Peace/Finesse
  3. [CAWS21] Round2: P1 charnel_mouse [Law]/Fire/Growth vs P2 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth
  4. [CAWS21] Round2: P1 OffKilter [Finesse]/Feral/Truth vs P2 bansa [Blood/Fire]/Feral
  5. [CAWS21] Round2: P1 NekoAtl [Balance/Growth]/Strength vs P2 Bomber678 [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth

Just over a week to post Round 3, enjoy the weekend and don’t sweat if you can’t play until Monday. GL HF all!

CAWS21 Round 3

  1. [CAWS21] Round3: P1 zango [Balance]/Anarchy/Peace vs P2 Dreamfire [Necromancy]/Discipline/Present
  2. [CAWS21] Round3: P1 zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs P2 Bomber678 [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth
  3. [CAWS21] Round3: P1 bansa [Blood/Fire]/Feral vs P2 Moby_Dick [Demonology]/Peace/Finesse
  4. [CAWS21] Round3: P1 FrozenStorm [Necromancy]/Balance/Truth vs P2 OffKilter [Finesse]/Feral/Truth
  5. [CAWS21] Round3: P1 charnel_mouse [Law]/Fire/Growth vs P2 NekoAtl [Balance/Growth]/Strength