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[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asynchronous Fall ~~Swiss~~ Round Robin (XCAFS19)

Ok y’all, I’m counting on you for some help: this is the last round before we do a cut to top four, but I want to make sure everyone’s deck and player “game count” are as equal as possible

If you got a bye in early rounds and would like a “catch-up” match, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME ASAP. I will try to work out how to make that happen (I’ll need players from group B who want to play on behalf of the deck byes, and decks from group B to randomly assign the players with a bye. I won’t be counting the “extra” game for those players or decks).

So @Persephone @bolyarich and @Nekoatl this is directed specifically at you (and I don’t think anyone else). If you’re cool having your seeding based on 6 games instead of 7 (seeding is win % top 2 from each group), no action is needed. IF YOU WANT A MAKEUP GAME, THOUGH, POST HERE OR DM ASAP SO I HAVE TIME TO WORK A SOLUTION!

And I realize some folks are mathematically eliminated from the cut at this point, please play it out and do your best on behalf of the other players and their decks. This is supposed to be for fun but folks have the most fun here when people are trying their best to win.

GL HF to everyone!

XCAFRR19 Round 7

Group A

  1. [XCAFRR19 Round7] bomber678 [Feral]/Growth/Disease vs James [Demonology]/Disease/Necromancy
  2. [XCAFRR19 Round7] bolyarich [Discipline]/Necromancy/Law vs NekoAtl [Necromancy]/Blood/Present
  3. [XCAFRR19 Round7] charnel_mouse [Balance]/Disease/Growth vs Persephone [Fire]/Truth/Disease
  4. [XCAFRR19 Round7] EricF [Strength]/Feral/Growth vs Nopethebard [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse

Group B

  1. [XCAFRR19 Round7] codexnewb [Past]/Present/Future vs Zhavier [Anarchy]/Past/Strength
  2. [XCAFRR19 Round7] dwarddd [Future]/Peace/Anarchy vs frozenstorm [Demonology]/Growth/Strength
  3. [XCAFRR19 Round7] Leaky [Discipline]/Disease/Law vs UrbanVelvet [Peace]/Discipline/Disease
  4. [XCAFRR19 Round7] CarpeGuitarrem [Demonology]/Necromancy/Finesse vs OffKilter [Fire]/Present/Growth
    On Bye (Indefinitely) Player: @Taz, On Bye Deck: [Discipline]/Peace/Past

I’m fighting James again?

Afraid so :confused: sorry man, workin’ with what I got from Challonge

Hi all & thanks for the good game all around, but I just can’t keep up & need to withdraw. Apologies to @James and @bolyarich for leaving you hanging the past few days, and thanks to @FrozenStorm for organizing eeverything.


Appreciate your honesty and clarity here @Persephone.

@James and @bolyarich I’ll mark you two for wins against Perse in the prior rounds, and mark the decks as ties (like I did earlier in the tourney, as that seems the most fair to me).

@charnel_mouse I’ll add you to the “might need makeup game” list with Boly and Neko. Y’all HMU if I can get another game scheduled for ya


I’m willing to sit in for any decks that need more rounds, if you need an extra player.

Definitely up for another game, if I can get it. I don’t think I’m in the running either way, but it’s fun mucking around with other people’s decks.

So awkward, having picked a deck that I thought was super easy to pilot to victory.

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Having not received any requests for make-up games from Boly, Neko or Charnel, I am going to say the games in progress are the last games to be scored for final seeding.

I am also going to request all games finish by EOD Thursday, Nov 14th, so that scoring can be tallied and semifinals can be posted on Friday the 15th.

If you will need more time to finish your match, please lmk ASAP and I will allot for it. Thanks everyone!

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Yeah James and I will pretty likely need more time.


Oh, did you mean by PM? Whoops.


We’re a bit close to deadline, just leave it if you want.

@Nekoatl would you play a make-up game with @charnel_mouse? You also had a bye and haven’t played them yet. If so, here’s your match

  1. [XCAFRR19 Round8 MAKEUP] NekoAtl [Feral]/Growth/Disease vs charnel_mouse [Discipline]/Necromancy/Law

Sure, that’s fine. Looks like there’s no way the game can bump any of the involved people into the top 4, so there’s no need to worry about delaying the next round, right?


Uh that is correct, yes.

We’re at the point right now where I am locked into top 4 with a 1 seed, and it’s just a matter of whether @Bomber678, @bolyarich or @EricF make it from Group A (seeding is still up in the air there also, Eric needs to win his game and have his deck win), and whether @Leaky or @zhavier will be the #2 seed from Group B (zhav needs a deck win and a leaky deck loss)

Up-to-the-minute standings are here

Player Deck Deck Wins Deck Losses Player Wins Player Losses TOTAL WIN %
frozenstorm [Demonology]/Disease/Necromancy 5 1 6 1 84.62%
bomber678 [Past]/Present/Future 5 2 4 2 69.23%
bolyarich [Future]/Peace/Anarchy 3 3 5 1 66.67%
EricF [Demonology]/Necromancy/Finesse 3 3 5 1 66.67%
Leaky [Feral]/Growth/Disease 5 1 3 4 61.54%
Zhavier [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse 2.5 3.5 5 2 57.69%
James [Anarchy]/Past/Strength 5 2 2 4 53.85%
charnel_mouse [Discipline]/Disease/Law 3 4 4 2 53.85%
OffKilter [Balance]/Disease/Growth 4 2 2 4 50.00%
codexnewb [Discipline]/Necromancy/Law 3.5 3.5 3 3 50.00%
dwarddd [Strength]/Feral/Growth 2 4 4 2 50.00%
NekoAtl [Demonology]/Growth/Strength 3 3 2 4 41.67%
Persephone [Peace]/Discipline/Disease 1 5 3 3 33.33%
CarpeGuitarrem [Necromancy]/Blood/Present 2 5 2 4 30.77%
Nopethebard [Fire]/Present/Growth 2 4 0 6 16.67%
UrbanVelvet [Fire]/Truth/Disease 1 5 1 5 16.67%

I did not iron out deck assignment procedures pre-tournament for the top 4 and that is my fault, so I am open to suggestions on how we do that. My current toss-up is to do either:

  1. Top performing 2 decks from each group (independent of players) are assigned to 1 and 2 seeds from the opposite group (as we have been doing) and kept for semis and finals, or
  2. Players get to drive their own cars for semis and finals.

What would folks prefer?


I think the incentives that motivated the group separation are obsolete in elimination pairing, yes? Maybe players could be assigned the top scoring decks submitted by their own group (rigged so players don’t use their own submitted decks) in the semifinals, and then the finalists could use their own submitted decks? Just to mix things up.

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Rank Players 1-4, and label their decks the same:

Player 1 with Deck 3 vs Player 4 with Deck 2
Player 2 with Deck 4 vs Player 3 with Deck 1

Winner of Player 1/4 with winning deck from 2/3
Vs. Other winner with other winning deck

This avoids conflict of interest (playing against your own deck), while keeping the mixitup nature.

Ranking can be arbitrary, but should probably have Group A be slots 1 and 2 so the semis are cross-pod


I’m getting carried hard by mono-purple here.


I misspoke earlier, my apologies! If @Bomber678 loses and @EricF goes 1-1, @bolyarich will be first in the group and the other two will tie and I’ll have to think of a tie-breaker (head to head seems fair, haven’t checked who wins that yet… looks like @EricF won in round 2). So @Bomber678 you are not locked in yet! That’s what I get for making a definitive statement before scenario-ing things out

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