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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

Post here if you’re looking for someone to play against. Use [spec or hero name] to indicate starter deck.


[Vandy] / Garth / River looking for match, random# = 52


Is that a request? Mono-Blue. 3

I’d be up for trying monored so we can get this party started.

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Will take that match with mono green, for test and demo purposes.

2 games, you go first for the first one.

Seeing as I have the starter set, I’d love to try a throwdown with someone as mono-Red.

Seems the starter set is what’s clever, so I’ll take you on as mono-green. I randomed 17, so you go first.

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Anybody up for playing Codex against a complete newbie? I have the core set.

I’ll play! I am currently stuck at work, so you can go first. I will play monogreen, unless you want to and don’t want to play the mirror. In that case I’ll monored :smiley:

Sounds good! But I warned you, I’m a complete newbie. I’m guessing “monogreen” would mean single hero of the color green. Is that right? And that means I should pick a red guy?

“Mono(color)” is just a shorthand way of saying “the three heroes from X color”. :slight_smile: So monogreen is the three green heroes and the green starting deck.

You can also pick the three green heroes if you want; there’s no restriction against “mirror matches” (playing the same faction as your opponent).

Ah, okay. Thanks!

Yea my mistake! I meant I’d be all three green heroes.

I am down to play just 1 hero vs your 1 hero too, if you like! That’ll ease you into things :slight_smile:

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Started a new topic for our game and took my first turn. Hope I’m doing this right…

Hi all! Looking for a game.

Mono-blue. Random # = 75

I’ll play against you with mono-white. I rolled 69, so you go first.

Game thread created!

Edit: Woops, the preview seems to show hidden information… that’s not good.

Looking for an opponent.
Will play mono red, rando 99

Hey @Legion, I’ll play you with Mono-Purple. Need to get back into practice and try out these new forums. My random is 40, so you start.

@sharpobject do you think this thread should be pinned?

Also I am happy to play any new players, with whatever decks they want to play, going first or second, and offer my decidedly mediocre strategy advice / tips, to help grow our community of players!


Do not let his fake modesty mislead u. FS is a monster!