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[Poll] Adopting new "forum standard" balance changes

Figured this decision-making deserved its own thread.

Per the ongoing discussion in the Balance Patch 2.0 thread, the time has come for deciding whether we adopt a v2 ruleset for standard tournaments. I don’t think a “final final” proposal has been made there but want to poll the group if we’re actually doing this or not for our “solstice standard” tourneys

Please try to keep the discussion to the above thread and we can hammer out final proposals there

Should we adopt a new forum standard for rules?
  • Yes, it’s time for a v2 Codex rules for use on the forums, and the XCAPS22 changeset is it
  • Yes, it’s time for a v2 Codex rules for use on the forums, but we still need to refine the details w/ discussion in the above thread
  • No, I want to play the game as printed by default

0 voters

Here is the “conservatively iterative” final proposal for CAMS22

“Forum Standard” Rules Addenda v 2.1 (CAMS22 edition)

Vandy Remove resist 1 at midband
Garth Reduce midband stats to 2/3
MoLaC If you have no units in play, remove all runes from this
Lich’s Bargain Base damage increased from 4 to 6
Pirate Gunship Remove obliterate 2
Deteriorate Increase cost to 1
Dark Pact Increase cost to 1
Bird’s Nest Change Upkeep to “Resummon one lost bird (max: 2)”
Battle Suits Change to apply to "Purple Soldiers and Mystics
Troq Swap midband and maxband
Mid at 4 and max at 7
Let maxband target any building
The Boot Modify text to “Destroy a tech 0 unit, a tech 1 unit, or an upgrade”, change card type from “Spell - Debuff” to “Spell”