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Is this a viable strategi? [feedback thread]


I was thinking maybe there could be a thread where you could ask for feedback on codex ideas that you haven’t had the chance to test out yet.

I felt inspired by my own review of Community Service to make another attempt at a discard deck.

Disease / Truth / Law

If the “dream” goes off you have

Turn 1, Thieving Imp
Turn 2, Heroes Hall
Turn 3, Carrion Curse
Turn 4, Community Service

Is this

  1. Likely to be something you can do?
  2. Crippeling enough to ensure your opponent is starved for cards throughout the earlygame and midgame?

My question is: How do you survive T2 Heroes Hall?

The idea would be that the discard of a card from Thieving Imp would deter them from putting too much pressure on me, since they probably want to get their teched cards as fast as possible.

I guess, to lay it out more completely:
T1P1, Thieving imp, Worker
T1P2, Worker, Hero (If they try to get back up to 5 cards, if not, they will miss their first tech reshuffle by 1 card or more depending on how low on hand they go)
Tech two Carrion Curse
T2P1, Hero (or one of blacks 1 drops +tech 1), Heroes Hall, Worker, Patrol worker and patrol with Imp and Hero. (if need be, Quince to get an additional patroller in the mirror?)
T2P2, Hero can use a spell to get rid of something, and/or attack into something to kill it and play a unit and worker? (down to 4 cards in her draw phase)
Tech at least one Community Service
T3P1, Play Orpal Gloor (or if you dared to play Orpal at turn 2, save your 2 coins and get your delayed tech 1) to play Carrion Curse and hopefully discard 2 more cards from their hand.

If your opponent is back on cards, you are more likely to be able to discard 2. If they are not, the dream would be to force them down to 3. Their reaction to seeing Carrion Curse would probably be to get more units, for which Community Service surely will discard their hand even more.

I suspect it might just lose to combat heroes. “Oh, I don’t want to play more cards this turn… I’ll just put my extra money into my hero then!” Build in some anti-hero stuff and it may be more robust.


Well, Spreading Plague is a pretty decent anti-hero removal + Free Speech could stop some of it.


I’m surprised your plan doesn’t involve cursed crows, actually. Isn’t the dream something like Maxbanded Quince + 2 Illusions + 2 Crows?


I want to ask for help with a multi-colour Codex, but honestly it’s such a ridiculously stupid OTK deck that I don’t want anyone to know about it until I bring it to a meet up and do a video about it. LOL It’s so stupid and great and I REALLY hope it’s feasible!

Here’s a question I have though. I want to make a Ninjitsu + Growth Codex that has as its main gameplan Fox’s Den Students into instantaneously maxed Might of Leaf and Claw. I’m struggling to think of a good third spec to add to this mix. Because I’m going Tech II Growth every game, the main thing I would be looking for are strong Tech I units. Having a Tech I anti-air is almost necessary, I think.

Any suggestions for that third spec? Also, I just sort of assume I’d go with the White starter deck, but counterpoints would be appreciated. I don’t think Green starter does anything really amazing for me, but maybe I’m wrong?


What do people think about balance/truth/disease and the three abominations? Use Midori’s mid band to buff the mirror token to 2hp so it can survive the abomination arriving. Mirror becomes an abomination and then you later play the third. Units need at least 4 hp to survive on the battlefield.


If all you’re after from the third spec is strong Tech 1 units including some anti-air, then Feral sounds like what you need. (Or possibly Anarchy, for Gunpoint Taxman. But Centaur is obvious much more solid than Calypso Vistari if your aim is to use both Tech 1 units from the 3rd spec.)

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I think your best bet is actually either Balance (use Moment’s Peace to give you space to set up Max Setsuki + Growth Tech II, figuring that combo will beat whatever your opponent’s plan is) or Strength (hiding behind Rook / Boulder for the same effect, but you also get Birds which work great with Growth Tech II), or possibly Necromancy (again, using skeletons / Lich’s Bargain to wall up and establish Tech II + Setsuki)


This from the guy who said “I will like any Blood victories.” How could you be so cruel?!

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You’re slower than molasses, and will probably lose to whatever you’re opponent’s Tech III plan is.

Pretty much any plan that starts with “get two level 5+ heros into play” isn’t going to come together until turn 6 at the absolute earliest, and that’s only if you can use one of them to maintain board presence early. Otherwise, you’re looking at turn 7 or 8 before you can accumulate that much extra value/gold, and your opponent will be able to build their Tech III with the extra space you give them while setting up your 2nd hero and enough board presence to protect them.

That’s not even considering Metamorphosis/Present/Peace/Blood/MoLaC/BirdQuake that might just kill you or tech-lock you on turn 5 or 6.


I was thinking of some kinda hounds(which can actually survive and do damage despite abominations)/basilisk/Midori play early, if Midori survives then go for abominations. Quince is a free speech machine the whole game. I’d like to see a tech III go up vs a maxed Midori and even as little as 2 abominations.

I"m thinking:
T1: Hound, Hound(maybe flagbearer depending on stuff)
T2: free speech(maybe), basilisk
T3: abomination, something
T4: abomination, something
T5: something, something

Unless that opening, or any other possible Midori based opening is too weak to transition into abominations, I could see this maybe working. My biggest concern is that all the good decks could stuff Midori too easily with things like doom grasp, thus the flagbearer and freespeech considerations.
Midori’s ultimate would be quite good with abominations since the hunter tokens would be weak/die immediately.

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I have been trying to pull off the same combo and my current 3rd spec has been Present. I use Geiger’s midband to try to draw into Might or FDS faster, use Now! As an alternative way to trigger Might, abuse Argonaut for readiness and defense, and have the option of just going Present tech 2 with Arg and Setsuki for support if the opponent has upgrade hate. Temporal Distortion can also convert Hyperion and Tricycloid into Glorious Ninja and Warp Gate Disciple into Blooming Ancient or Artisan Mantis. Spirit of the Panda on Argonaut is great if they lack unit removal and Sensei’s Advice can combo with Hyperion + Temporal Distortion + Glorious Ninja to destroy 2 tech buildings. I also like to Temporal Distortion Giant Panda to Argonaut then resummon Giant Panda to get 3 fresh bodies for 5 gold (7 if you have to summon Max).


whao that’s ballin!

I have been interested in a similar combo using [Fire]/growth/something. The rational is that the red starter deck has a metric fuckton of haste and Fire gives you Lobbers. Arg can provide support and a lot of wisps and stuff which will become crazy with ML&C.

I haven’t tried it out yet because:

  1. I don’t know what third spec to use
  2. I have soooooo many other ideas to try, like the abomination spam above.

I think you want either

  1. Anarchy (for the Hasty hero, Chaos Mirror (to combo with Wisps), and alternate endgame (Gunship) or
  2. Future (Assimilate as an answer to upgrades/buildings), alternate endgame (Double Time lets you play, activate, and use MoLaC without allowing for a response), and third viable tech II route (Hive and Omegacron are each very different threats/answers than Large Ground Stuff, MoLaC, Hotter Fire, and Fire’s other “random good value.”

For a third, you could try Vandy as well. Dark Pact can get Might of Leaf and Claw out earlier. Jaina is possibly the best target for metamorphosis because with invisibility and readiness she can attack for six damage, the tap to deal another 3 damage. If you are going to use growth tech 2, you can play Blooming Elm and Might of Leaf and Claw while Twilight Baron is out. Spirit of the Panda on Twilight Baron gets his damage to 6! If you go Demonology tech 2, a maxband Jaina + either Ember Sparks or Burning Volley can activate Terras Q.
EDIT: Oh yeah, also Charge + Twilight Baron can catch your opponent off guard and take down a tech building.


wait, was the thread title always spelled “strategi”? Because now it’s really starting to weird me out.

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I don’t know what you mien