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Is this a viable strategi? [feedback thread]

Yeah, it’s been that the whole time. Apparently “Regulars” are able to rename topics, and I’ve been tempted to do that, but it felt like just doing it out of nowhere would be rude.

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I did some checking on the last 20ish play by forums posts, and Community Service misses on turn 3 against player 1, about 8 times, and on player 2 only 4 times.

How much would Centaur be worth if it came with the ability “An opposing player discards its higest statted tech 1 or tech 2 unit”?

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I think there’s enough ambiguity and differences to prevent answering that question. For starters, does this hypothetical Centaur still cost 3 and still have Overpower? If so, it’s strictly better than virtually any other Tech I in the game, let alone Community Service. Secondly, “highest statted Tech I or II unit” is extremely unclear. If your opponent has a 2/4 and a 3/3, which of them do you discard? I’m guessing you wanted to prevent the player from choosing freely so that it would not be overpowered, but it needs to be worded better so anyone who wants to answer that question can know what they’re comparing.

Back to the original topic, I used Gigadon to win a core set game recently and thought, “What’s the best multicolor codex for getting Gigadon reliably?” Feral is obviously required, and I think Necromancy is the best for getting cheap units (Garth and Bone Collector). I’m not certain what the third spec should be, but I’m leaning toward Present for shenanigans with Now!, Geiger’s maxband, and Temporal Distortion (a mostly dead Gigadon turns into an Immortal, for example). Any thoughts?

Never mind, I totally forgot that some green cards, including Gigadon, don’t work with multicolor.

Note that Gigadon is only reduced in cost by Green units, so multi-color probably isn’t the say to go. Mono Green with Owls and Pandas is probably the most reliable way to hit Giga.

don’t you need specifically green units for Gigadon?

Right, I forgot about the whole green restriction. Can you tell I haven’t used multicolor yet? :sweat_smile:

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