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Great Grappler Throw-Down [Single Day Tourney]

A little late but no worse for the wear, I finally descend from the heavens…

…to bring you a Yomi event teased weeks ago:

The Great Grappler Throw-Down

Saturday December 3rd at 6pm GMT

That’s right! It’s finally happening (and with a more punny title, too)! Let us find out who among us is best at laying down the smack down with Yomi’s three great grappling giants.

This is single-day conquest-style* tournament where every person’s three character stable is :midori: , :rook: , and :troq:.

*Conquest-style means that each player has a “stable” of characters to choose from. In each set, once you win with a given character, you can no longer use that character for the rest of the set. You win the set once you have won a game with each character.


  • Saturday December 3rd at 6pm GMT (10am PDT)
  • Only Midori, Rook, and Troq may be played
  • First to 3
  • Single Elim (Seems necessary for a one day tourney?)
  • Double Blind pick each round
  • You cannot select a character you have already won a game with in the set
  • Fast Timer
  • In the case of a double KO, replay the MU

I will be online from 30 minutes before the start time on December 3rd. Message me on the server then to confirm your participation. I am aiming for at least 8 participants!

May the best grappler player win!


Signing up here as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I won’t be able to attend, but love the format!

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in, u pheasants!

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This is during PlayStation Experience :frowning:

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what is that? :confused:

:codexzane: :codexzane: :codexzane: :codexzane: :codexzane: :codexzane: :codexzane: :codexzane:

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A Playstation dedicated game show. Fantasy Strike will be demoed to attendees I believe. It is also where Capcom Cup will be held.

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ty for the info, but imho is tournament irrelevant, i mean whatever this PSomething. We can play! <3

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I think it’s just that Leontes wanted to enter too, but he can’t since he has to go to PSE to demo Fantasy Strike.

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It’s okay I will grapple people at PSX


Slightly miffed at the lack of best girl, but I will be there. To anyone wondering if they should attend, allow me to make a point.




then check out the PlayStation Experience kapa.


All those aces are the same suit…
7.8/10 too many clubs

Edit: Now all I can think about is “too many clubs” to that one tune. @mysticjuicer, this is your fault. If you hadn’t liked this post, I wouldn’t have connected it with the Rook vs the World videos you posted a while back.

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That’s because Rook can actually CMB you four times in a row if he isn’t holding back.


Seems accurate to my experience in Fantasy Strike!


It takes a lot to make a stew

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I think you’ll find it takes a lot to make a buster



At the very least, it requires the other player to make a choice.


The day has finally arrived! Please message me on the server to confirm your participation.

Shax vs Kraetyz
:chibitroq::psfist::pschip::midori: I got sw00ped a lot
:chibimidori::psfist::pschip::troq: I drew a ton of Qs early then ended with back-to-back glimpse rounds
:chibirook::pschip::psfist::rook: I got CMB and lost the mirror… I somehow found the strength to move on.
:chibirook::psfist::pschip::troq: This came down to a very clutch 2hp win involving 5 blocks and loads of aces from both sides.

@mysticjuicer, your tracking spreadsheet still going strong?

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