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Sibling Rivalries [Single Day Tournament]

Ladies and not-ladies, welcome to another single-day tournament with arbitrary rules! This is


a single-day conquest-style* tournament where everyone must form a three-character stable by choosing one character from the three different pairs of siblings in the Yomi-verse.


  1. :grave: or :jaina:
  2. :midori: or :menelker:
  3. :gwen: or :gloria:
    You must pick one from each pair, and you cannot pick more than one from each pair.

Example stables:
:jaina: :midori: :gloria:

:grave: :midori: :gwen:


Explanation of the Conquest-Style Tournament

*Conquest-style means that each player has a “stable” of characters to choose from for EVERY set in the tournament. In each set, once you win with a given character, you can no longer use that character for the rest of the set. You win the set once you have won a game with each character.


  • Saturday Feb. 4th at 6pm GMT (10am PST)
  • Single elimination (if 8+ participants)
  • Best of 5/First to 3
  • Fast timer
  • In the case of a double-KO, replay the MU
  • Every player plays the whole tournament with the same three-character stable, selected ahead of time, composed of exactly one character from each of the following pairs: Grave and Jaina, Midori and Menelker, Gwen and Gloria
  • Players MUST inform each other what their stable of characters is before beginning a set.
  • Every round is a double-blind pick
  • You cannot select a character you have already won a game with in that set

Let me know in this thread if you’re interested in participating! On the day of, I will be online starting 30 minutes before the start time. Message me on the server then to confirm your participation!

Important: You MUST let me know ahead of time what stable of characters you will be using, either by posting it here, messaging me directly, or whispering to me on the server before the start time.

The Single-Day Tourney Hall-of-Fame
  1. @Shax, The Greatest Grappler ( Great Grappler Throw-Down [Single Day Tourney])

  2. @Zqxx, The Most Inhuman One (Oh, the In-Humanity! [Single Day Tournament])

Nothing works through familial conflicts like full-on hand-to-hand combat!


Tentatively in!

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Damn, won’t be able to make this. Looks like a lot of fun though!

Also for the sake of fairness I will announce my own stable now:

Grave, Midori, Gwen

Why is that… fair? :confused:

The premise sounds really arbitrary. But that’s probably because I’m an only child!

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I realized that if people are messaging me their choices for rosters, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was, for some reason, waiting to see what other people chose to gain some kind of advantage somehow.

Seemed logical at the time I posted that :thinking:


ah, okay, that makes sense!

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maybe in.

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Alternative Tournament Title: Family Feud



Entering, I am.


Just a reminder that this tournament is happening one week from now!

Current sign ups here:

Don’t forget that you need to submit a roster of characters at some point before the tournament begins!

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Crap, won’t be able to make it after all. Sorry.

what about @Corroyeur and @neigutten

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It’s a bit early for me unfortunately. I may or may not be free, so i don’t wanna commit. I should be able to see you win later though!

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Grave, Menelker and Gwen for me.
Thanks for the reminder, too.

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Just so you know, you can sign up basically at any moment until the tournament officially begins! If you happen to be free and awake the morning of and you want to participate still, just shoot me a message or a whisper on the server!

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Oh I’ll be awake, it’s 7pm for me! Depends on what I’m doing (or not) with the kids actually :slight_smile:


fast timer, so will end fast!

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imho higlight of make bigger this part. IS not a prob for me, but i noticed that just now, lol