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More Non-Standard Tournaments? [Poll]

Hey everyone!

So, a while ago I was consistently hosting single day tournaments, each with a gimmick or quirk to its rules (e.g.: everyone only plays grapplers).

[details=Links to past tournaments]1. The Great Grappler Throw-Down (Great Grappler Throw-Down [Single Day Tourney])

  1. Oh, the Inhumanity! (Oh, the In-Humanity! [Single Day Tournament])

  2. Sibling Rivalries (Sibling Rivalries [Single Day Tournament])


I stopped hosting events for a while due to real life obligations, but I’m free again now. However, in the interim @neigutten has started up their own series of single day tournaments.

SO! I’m just trying to gauge how much interest people would have in participating in more quirky single day affairs, especially when there’s another consistent series of single day tournaments ongoing. Historically the events I organized already struggled to get enough players. However, if a sizable enough number people think they would be interested in participating, I’d be more than happy to organize and TO more events.

Without further ado:

  • YES! I would want to participate in a single day tourney with non-standard rules.
  • No, because I am not interested in more single day events.
  • No, because I do like not playing under non-standard rule sets.

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I like playing in stuff, but single day just comes down to availability. :slight_smile:


I personally don’t enjoy non-standard things that much, especially if I can’t play the ones I want to play.

But I definitely think there is space in the tournament scene for it ^^

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I like playing Yomi, so any formats will be ok!
I agree both with @mysticjuicer and @neigutten: non standard format with chars limitation could be a little frustating (i.e. for newbie like me that doesn’t master all chars) but also a challenge!
And unfortunately, single day event attendance is not always guaranteed for sure…

Anyway if you’ll go on , I’ll try to be in for sure!


I think the non-standard styles you have been using are fun. But I somehow manage to miss 90% of single day events. And I hear they don’t get great turnouts in general. So maybe a longer format tournament would be better.

But that is a lot more hassle for you to organise. Either way, if you put on another one of your quirky tournaments I’ll be excited.

Edit: I voted wrong in the poll. Voted “no because single day” but actually I would still be trying to enter the event. So that should be one extra yes vote.

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I voted yes, but my schedule/other responsibilities make tournaments that aren’t late at night EST difficult for me to attend.


Response to this thread has been pretty positive. Thank you for everyone who took the time to do so!

I’ll have a new tournament up soon. Keep an eye out!

I may consider presenting a couple potential dates for the event and let people vote, in order to hopefully ameliorate the problem of people simply being unavailable.


If you could please not have it in the last weekend of a month? That is when I am going to have my fast timer ones, and having them not clash would be very nice!


Of course! What kind of crass person do you take me for? :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, it is indubitably in my interest not to have clashing times as well!

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Nono, clash your tourney times.
If a player can’t make time for two simultaneous tournaments, then they’re not dedicated to the Yomi cause, now are they?

The filthy Casuals.