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It's Elementary [Single Day Tourney] - Feb. 24


Long ago, all the people of the realm lived together in harmony. But everything changed when the Flagstone Kingdom attacked.

Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the realm needed them most, they vanished…

So the people decided to host a tournament competition to find a new Avatar!

It’s Elementary is a conquest tournament where every player has the same stable of four characters: :grave: (air), :jaina: (fire), :argagarg: (water), and :rook: (earth).

The catch is, each set is still only a Bo5/Ft3, so even though you have four characters to use, you only need to win with three of them!


  • Saturday, February 24th at 7pm UTC/11am PST
  • Single elimination
  • Fast Timer
  • Best of 5/First to 3
  • In case of a double KO, replay the MU
  • All games are double-blind pick.
  • All players have the following stable of four characters: Grave, Jaina, Argagarg, and Rook
  • If you win a game with a character, you cannot use that character for the remainder of the set.

As always, sign ups are open right up until start time, but expressing interest/hype in this thread ahead of time is always appreciated!

Additionally, the start time is flexible if need be, but I will only be adjusting it if there is overwhelming consensus to do so.

It’s time to restore some balance to this crazy world!

Single Day Tourney Hall of Fame
  1. @Shax, the Greatest Grappler
  2. @Zqxx, the Most Inhuman One
  3. @Legion, the Familial Arbiter
  4. @BD_Corro, the Master of Variance
  5. @Legion, the Fantasy Strike Champion
  6. @Legion, the Ultimate Undead


Not 100% sure with it being three weeks away but sign me up.

Also Arg shreds this roster. Well played @Zqxx


Also, Jaina gets shredded BY this roster.


OMG!!! Genius backstory!
I love avatar!
Prolly in!


Haha, okay, sure. I’m a sucker for themed tourneys.


fitting for the fire nation to lose


Sounds cool. I’ll try to make this


I’m definitely in, but I only give this tournament’s design a rating of :psfist::psfist::psfist::psfist::pschip:. Could’ve used more :chibilum:. Or more :dog:s.


Just giving this a bump now that we are one week away.

So far we have:
and myself

If we can get at least 2 more players (for 8 total) that would be amazing!


@MR75 are u interested?


I’m really interested (in general for all yomi things, but @Zqxx 's ones are even more interesting with storyboard too!) , but not sure if I’ll be at home (and so in).
I’ll try!



Just pinging the people who “liked” the initial post. Any of you think you might want to attend this event?


I like the theme, but I don’t think I’ll have time. Thanks for checking, though!


I can’t commit to anything this particular Sat., but thx for considering me. I’ll try to be on QM more though.


I’d love to but single day tournaments take up too much time for me. :frowning:


This applies to me as well. (And this board software is pretty silly sometimes!)


Just wanted to say love the tourney set up big fan of Avatar the last air bender.



Tournament in 40min! See you all soon!


Zqxx v @MR75

Arg < Rook
Arg < Grave
Arg < Arg


JonnyD vs @lum_at_1st_sight


Arg > Arg
Grave > Arg
Rook < Arg
Jaina > Jaina