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It's Elementary [Single Day Tourney] - Feb. 24


Caralad vs @Zejety

:rook: > :rook:
:jaina: > :grave:
:argagarg: < :grave:
:argagarg: > :rook:


Internet cut out dq me if it takes too long


OK. We’re not super in a rush at the moment so we will wait a little bit for you to reconnect.


ClanNatioy 3 vs 1 Caralad

:rook: > :rook:
:jaina: > :grave:
:argagarg: < :rook:
:argagarg: > :argagarg:


JonnyD vs @UTRALAW
Arg > Rook
Grave > Arg
Jaina > Rook

3-0 WP man


not sure if we still need to post but

Utralaw vs Mj


ggs MJ


JonnyD vs @ClanNatioy
Arg > Rook
Grave > Rook
Jaina < Arg
Jaina < Jaina
Jaina > Rook


Fun tournament. WP man. Last game was intense.




He is hereby inducted into the hall of fame with the title of the New Avatar!

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up and played in the event! I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too!

Link to challonge:

Note: MR75 had to leave right after beating me, so @ClanNatioy took his slot in the bracket starting in Round 3 and @UTRALAW skipped to playing against @JonnyD.


Congrats to @JonnyD for the victory!

I hope I have not ruined tournament’s spirit with my leaving (my wife called me back to order :sweat_smile:) : I’m really sorry (and moreover apparently I got luck on my side tonight)

Oh, I was expecting a little more ending story by @Zqxx (as he always used to do :smile:).

Thanks everyone! See you around!


Reminded me that playing Rook against Grave is pretty fun. :slight_smile: Thanks for the games @UTRALAW and for organizing the event @Zqxx


It was a fun format. Next I want the four horsemen

War :onimaru:
Pestilence :menelker: or :gwen:
Death :vendetta:
Famine :bbb: because Uh… he doesn’t need to eat.


I would be tempted to put :menelker: as famine, simply for what he does to his opponents hand.


It would be a good choice, except it resembles the Undead tournament too much.

I think you should have Menelker as Pestilence (more even MUs in this meta than Gwen) and Persephone or DeGrey as Famine.


I think Persephone thrives on starving you of block options.


I feel like a poll should be started …


Who do you want to elect as your representatives of the apocalypse this term? :wink: