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When the [Codex] hits just right

After an hour, I finally manage — finally! — to get Ebbflow Archon in hand, and with Vir I throw it on top of my deck so that I’ll have enough money to play it next turn, because Slow Time Generator has limited me to four gold and one extra I had from the patrol zone or something.

For the first time in three or four turns, my Tech III survives, and out comes Ebbflow Archon to bounce five cards on the other side. “Huh,” I think. “Maybe I should actually bounce my own unit I have in play, so that Second Chances will trigger when Ebbflow Archon dies from fading during upkeep.” So I do. In the meanwhile, there is a sort of determined refusal to concede in the face of Ebbflow Archon, despite Slow Time Generator.

The next turn, @Jeremetroid plays Sacrifice the Weak in a desperate last-ditch attempt to rob me of my sole remaining unit, but then Ebbflow Archon is all “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,” which may have been a little overdramatic, but it did cause him to respawn with all seven time runes and also no exhaustion on my turn.

“Oh, right. I concede after all.”


Slow Time generator is annoying… I don’t want to destroy it, because then on the following turn you’ll get all your gold and I’m the one who missed out! So I kind of want to just leave it there, so it’ll inconvenience you as well.

Wouldn’t Second Chances return the unit you bounce?

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Not if he had already bounced and returned something.


You know, that’s a good point, and I think it slipped my mind at the time. Didn’t matter, ultimately.

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That feeling when, after barely getting Might of Leaf and Claw active on the previous turn, you go from an empty board to a cumulative 50 ATK (!) and 61 HP (!!) across 7 units and a hero, relying on a Tech I building with a single hit point remaining…



My most recent match was activating Might of leaf on my turn and have 1hero and several units beefed up… my opponent turn was , plague lab + sickness + spread disease + win the game


but i think such an anecdote shoud go here:

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I am aware of that thread but it is no big deal, especially that I put it here deliberately to contrast the one Hobusu put last.

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You could have posted it in the Salt Thread and linked to my post from there, and it would automatically make a link to your post underneath mine. I understand trying to contrast between your game and mine, but this topic is about celebrating when a plan goes right.

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MVashM was just posting his opponent’s ‘When the Codex hits just right’ story. It’s all good, people! :wink:


What? Juicer, no! These threads are EXTREMELY SERIOUS OFFICIAL BUSINESS

unless, you know, you don’t feel like it


I feel like this story belongs here… (Or more accurately, it doesn’t feel worth making a new topic and would probably amuse people who read this one.)

I just got done with an IRL game of Codex with a new player I’m teaching (this is his third game total, and his second outside the starting set). The game itself isn’t that important, though it was his first Black against my first Blue (take a guess which side won if you’d like, keeping in mind that he actually won our starter set game and nearly won our Red vs Green game playing as Red). I give him a ride home, and he decides to carry the box for me and ends up placing it on his lap as he sits in the passenger seat. Seems like a bad idea to me, but whatever, they’re his legs, right? We arrive at his house, he thanks me for the game, we quickly discuss what we’ll be doing next time (White vs Purple, him as White so that I have to play a less familiar color), and he sets the box down on the seat where he’d been sitting. I pull away and start heading home… Only to start hearing a beeping sound.

My Codex Deluxe box is apparently heavy enough that the car thought it was a person and wanted me to buckle it in.

When the Codex hits (the seat) just right… :ok_hand:


So I’m playing Blue against my wife’s Green, and it’s been a protracted battle of attrition. We have a thing going where we basically keep breaking each other’s top tech buildings each turn, but I slip and let her keep her Tech II. That’s fine — it just means more and more of this long, long game.

She knows well enough at this point to tech in both Nature Reclaimses when she’s playing against Blue or Purple, which cost me both Jail and Eyes of the Chancellor. It was bad enough that I decided I’d use it to make a Spectral Tiger invisible for a turn, leaving Macciatus unprotected for a turn, too.

Eventually, I keep my Tech III for a turn, and get a Liberty Griffon. Awesome! Except she has an Elemental in +1 attack, with a tower. Oof. At least I can take out her Tech II again this turn.

This continues for another four or five turns, and we joke about the game ending by breaking tech buildings ten times. At last, though, the stars align. Even though she’d played two Artisan Mantises and restored her base to 18 HP, she left my Tech III alive, which proved to be her undoing.

In play, I have a maxbanded Quince. In my hand, I have two Liberty Griffons. I spend two on Mirror Illusions, drop the two Liberty Griffons into play, duplicating them with the Mirror Illusions, and yolo all four directly into her base for 20 damage and the game.

Still, though. The number of times I stashed Liberty Griffon with Bigby (“The Big B”) only for my Tech III to be broken AGAIN the next turn is almost enough to make this post eligible for the Salt Thread, too.


The Codex hit just right for me Friday night when I actually played some games with my Deluxe box


Also Grag that’s definitely one of my favourite combos in the game

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You may be wondering what’s up with that skeleton I have patrolling.

The previous turn, I played Kidnapping to steal a Blackhand Resurrector. I then threw Drakk into a patroller, killing him and dealing base damage. At this point, I Blackhand Resurrected him, and played a Recruiting Ogre, which got haste because it was the first unit I played from hand that turn. I then used that to kill one patroller and steal the skeleton seen here, which was all that remained.

The turn before THAT, we learned the true meaning of Blood, as we both got a sudden and surprising lesson in how much Bugblatter loves weak tokens and tech 0 Red units. It loves the combination just maximum amount, to the tune of seven damage directly to the base in one turn.

It was a very good game for me.


I won a red v blue game recently as blue.
After teching up as my patrol (but nothing else) was being destroyed every turn, I eventually got up two Lawbringer Griffins and had a couple of other things on the board. Both of our bases were at 12 hp. He pulled a massive 14 hasted damage strike out of nowhere and destroyed my base. Then he realized that my base was flying so most of the damage whiffed. He conceded.


Lately I played a game against mono black with mono purple. At first I thought he was going to do a Necromancy plan but he actually went disease, so Stewardess of the Undone became a worker.
He kept wiping my board aside from an Immortal. I definitely would have lost if I hadn’t played the Immortal.
He got Terras Q onto the board, cleared my patrol, and sent my base to 5hp.
However, building a Past Tech Lab payed off as I put an Ebbflow Archon into play and it bounced all his things.
He then killed it with Sacrifice the Weak. I teched 2 Archons and my deck cycle was small so I had drawn the other one, played it, and bounced all his things again. He Sacrificed it again. This happened about 3 times total.
On turn 12 he conceded because I had played the Archon again and he had no way to quickly remove it. I would’ve flattened his base next turn with the Archon and Hyperions if he hadn’t conceded.
So that was a really fun and memorable game.


I’m on another of those camps, and some of the youth have taken a liking to codex. This is of course fantastic to me, and my deluxe set is getting plenty of use, some of it even be me.

But the real codex hitting just right was when, in one game… I played and resolved double time, the first time ever for me. A couple of turns later I had some ebbflows and said goodbye to his whole board (after killing that pesky mind parry).