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When the [Codex] hits just right

There are moments when you’re learning a game where you do something and your hair is blown back at how awesome it was. Maybe you immediately say “okay, I guess I play this now” and it becomes your favourite game, or you start bugging your friends to play with you all the time because you’re chasing that moment for the next several months.

This thread is dedicated to those moments where you sat back in your chair and said “damn…” after a particularly savage or amazing turn in Codex.

I played some Codex with a friend yesterday, playing Purple against Black. This is his 3rd ever game of Codex, and my 10th, maybe. I’ve never played Purple before, and he’s never played Black, so neither of us is playing optimally by any means. He’s mostly content to build and occasionally play some removal to clear my board. I’m behind on cards most of the game because I WANT TO LIVE, MARGE, WON’T YOU LET ME LIVE and also an early Thieving Imp.

Anyway, I manage to protect Geiger so that he’s alive when I draw my tech II (Hyperion and Tricycloid). I think I’m at 3 cards in hand at this point? I play and swing with Hyperion, clear some stuff with Tricycloid. He’s on the back foot, and fills his patrol zone. Next turn is where it happens: swing with Hyperion so that it lives (draw a card), play Temporal Distortion on Hyperion to put another Hyperion into play and swing (draw a card), play the Hyperion from my hand and swing (draw a card)…

P-purple is pretty mean you guys! :fearful: (Assuming your opponent plays too slowly to prevent you from going full bully!)

Share your favourite (or most horrifying) Codex memories! :grinning:


Earlier today I was playing Codex with random specs.
I had both Discipline and Law.
I had some Rambasa bros on the field, and just made it to Tech 2.
I cycle my deck… and draw two Insurance Agents. Suddenly I realise

“Hey… what if I got… Eight gold and TWO CARDS???”

So I immediately did the sane thing and insured my one remaining Twin, suicided it, got LOADS OF MONEY, then slapped down a Censorship Council and a Justice Juggernaut.
Instant concede.


This thread is gold.

I’ve had a lot of “mmm just right” moments finding crazy combos and fun stuff like that.

I think the first big “aha” moment I had while playing was when someone explained how Metamorphosis really works (I had always thought it just affected Vandy), and then the first time I got it off in a game with Orpal and Garth on the board.

I am not one to play the “undead” stuff, that is not my flavor at all. I much prefer technology stuff like Purple or White’s sneaky ninja flavor. Even the Green Giants flavor I liked a lot from MtG days. But in that moment I was like “ARISE, MY HERO MINIONS! SPREAD YOUR DEMON WINGS, GO FOURTH AND WREAK MISCHIEF UPON MY FOES!”

That turn, get a tech building kill and a backline hero. Next turn, Death and Decay.



My craziest moment was during the LLL tournament, where everyone was playing random specs. I was at Tech III in Balance, and had just played a T-Rex. I also had two mirror illusions in play from a previous turn. Anyway, Prynn came out and banished my T-Rex to the nether realm. I think I had midori out too? So my turn was:

  • summon and max quince
  • play Tiny Basilisk, and trigger Quince’s maxband ability to make one of the mirrors a copy of it.
  • Tiny mirror basilisk traded with Prynn. So. Many. Triggers.
    -> midori went to level 3
    -> banished T-Rex returns to play
    -> T-Rex entering play means I got to destroy 2 more things (unit and worker, I think?)
    -> Quince’s maxband triggers again, and makes the other mirror a copy of the T-Rex
  • Mirrex hits base for 10
  • opponent concedes



Playing Mono Green vs. Mono Purple (my friend claimed the matchup was imbalanced after I handily won with Forgotten Fighters and Stewardesses), and get off to a pretty good start. I get a nice ground lead but have problems forcing through once his Knights of the Conclave come in.

And then… Prynn. Just - Prynn, man. I think I played through six Rewinds that game, and every time I got maxband Calamandra in to threaten boosted Feral Strike or tiger value she ate an Undo. So did Midori before he could threaten a tech building lockdown. I could never manage to line up a maxbanded hero while Prynn was dead, or my draws were wrong, and our ground forces were still pretty even, though I had a slight edge.

I finally wised up, realizing I needed to be threatening on several axes, crept up to Tech III, and simultaneously threatened maxband Arg and Cal, waiting to maxband Midori, with both ultimate spells in my grip. Boosting a Feral Strike to cast a free Stampede for lethal is immensely satisfying :ok_hand::nauticaldog::ok_hand:


I’ll assume you mean Prynn was hitting Calamandra and Midori with Origin Story, not Undo.

But how does Feral Strike get a free Stampede? Spells aren’t units, and Feral Strike fetches/plays units.

I think he is saying feral strike grabs Guargum who casts stampede for free.


Yes to Origin Story, and yes to Guargum. I would have been able to Stampede even if I didn’t have Argagarg out, still, because Guargum does stuff!


Oh, that’s fantastically brutal. I had thought about Guargum making Growth spells free, but it didn’t occur to me that Feral Strike could grab/play Tech III units. I just unconsciously assumed it couldn’t, I guess, since so many things can’t. It’s not even restricted to your teched spec. Wow.


Feral Strike is nuuuuuuuts

Now that’s a card that can generate stories. The things you can do in monogreen alone are crazy.


In a game against Mooseknuckles, I used Feral Strike to get Terras Q + Degray.

I still lost :cry:


I just realized that Manufactured Truth can make an Illusion into a not-illusion, and that would mean you could target it with Boot Camp or Sarge runes or other really sweet targeting buffs… :ok_hand::nauticaldog::ok_hand:


I still enjoy the feeling of having Jail and Cencorship Council out, then playing Free Speech. For a turn, I am king.


A king? What an oppressive thought! Surely what you really meant was a democratically elected leader, loved and trusted by all, implementing necessary measures for maintaining public order. :quince:


That feeling when you use Assimilate to steal your opponent’s Might of Leaf and Claw, and then max it out by attacking with three of your Stingers, and then one-shot their base with the remaining two and your Nebula. :ok_hand: :nauticaldog:


Or when the opponent has 18 health on base and you throw down 2 Omegacrons and sacrifice everything you have to activate them and win.


Opponent playing mono-green, goes feral. I’m mono-blue, specced law, bigby in play. Play community service, see that his hand is gigadon, barkcoat bear, playful panda, and 2 nature reclaims which he intends to use on my jail and censorship council. Take gigadon, play injunction to disable his tech 2 which also hits a tiger or 2. Just enough gold left to play reputable newsman and protect my buildings. All he can do is play the panda (which does break his rampaging elephant out of jail so that’s nice for him). Sorry sir, the Law is the Law.


When your friend, who lost to Assimilated Might of Leaf and Claw, texts you at 10pm on a Monday asking when you’re going to have a chance to play again. Maybe the real Codex is the friends we made along the way?


Is this social codex thread?

Just played some games with a friend of mine, was great. Won 3-0 blue vs red ^^ lost one purple vs white. We played with chess clock for the first time, and it was fun to play with as we got more games in than if we didn’t. Woop woop!

I am unable to go from technology 1 to 2 with purple, but I eyed some options today; Temporal Distortion to get the 1 coin fliers is a good idea, right?


This isn’t exactly the Codex social thread… It’s more of a “share something awesome you did in a game of Codex” thread. It’s nice to know that chess clocks work well, though! :slight_smile:

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