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When the [Codex] hits just right

When I kidnapped his Blooming Ancient with 4 runes on it, summoned three units, and dropped all 7 runes onto a Shoddy Glider for 10 base damage and the game.


When you’ve been playing a solid game of Mono White (ninjutsu) vs Mono purple (Future), and you have Max band Rook (+1) and Grave (+1) in play, an aged Sensei, Sparring Partner, and two little birds.

Your opponent has a flying patroller, and another until in patrol, Tech I and II, a Hero in play and 18 health on base.

Versatile style knocks out the flying patroller, and your two little birds hit each tech building for 1.

Then Earthquake! knocks out those two building and damages the base for a total of 8 damage. Rook and Grave (buffed by the aged sensei) finish the job. 18 base health to 0 in one turn.

Was beautiful.


There’s always the classic “double True Power of Storms to the base.”


That sounds like a shenanigan if I’ve ever heard one! Teching in as many 3-gold cards as possible all game long, and trying to get a sixth card in hand through Technician : 0


Or Surplus. Or Setsuki. Or all three!


It’s actually not that bad to do with mono-white. You have three 3’s in your starter, Reversal, Entangling Vines, and Inverse Power Ninja can all do work in the early game, and at Tech II you can either go Strength for Whitestar Grappler, DeGrey, and Doubling Barbarbarian, or Discipline for Young Lightning Dragon and Focus Master. Max Setsuki is the easiest way to get the card volume, but yeah, Technician and Surplus can also help.


I wound up giving away a little bit of what was coming up, perhaps, with the sound of my eyebrows rubbing against the ceiling as the realization dawned, but it turns out that drawing Hive the turn after you play Omegacron is VERY SATISFYING


I tried to switch Troq in for more 3g goodness (Iron Man, The Boot) with no penalty. It didn’t work out because I was too focused on getting the gimmick to work but it still sounds like a fun deck.


Hahaha! You monster!

Earlier today I was playing my friend who I’m just introducing to the game. So we’re playing the 1v1 beginner version. This is his third game ever but he really didn’t GET IT until this one. I’m playing Finesse because well Bashing is way easier. He’s had me on the ropes for most of the game, getting me way behind on cards to just stay CLOSE ENOUGH on board not to just get blown out. I had finally kind of stabilized thanks to the combined efforts of Cloud Sprite attacking freely and Leaping Lizard guarding cheaply, when he finally manages to build a big enough board and break through. I have to spend a turn basically doing nothing since River is dead and my tech 2 is broken. On his turn he clears everything but a Brick Thief and sends the rest to base.

He neglects to break my tech buildings since he figures the damage to base will assure him a victory next turn. But since I didn’t play anything last turn I have ALL THE MONEY, which lets me drop Grounded Guide, Nimble Fencer, and BOTH BLADEMASTERS. His patrol zone is only an Eggship and a Hired Stomper. Nimble Fencer breaks the Stomper, letting the blademasters swing at his base for 18 damage and exact lethal since I broke one of his tech buildings when my Sprites had free reign. If he had broken my tech 3 I would’ve just conceded. At least it was close/tense enough that now he wants more. :slight_smile:


A valuable lesson was learned this day.


I learned to play Codex by playing with someone else who also didn’t know how to play. At first, we couldn’t bring games to a conclusion without reaching Tech III. So I resolved to myself that I was going to win the next game without even going to Tech II. I used Geiger, played an aggressive game with the haste spells, and never let the other player have a chance to kill him. I easily got him to max level and I had the ultimate spells in my deck, and for the rest of the game I usually drew my entire deck every turn or two and never lost control of the board. What a fun game for me.


I want to try Peace for that too. They have lots of 3’s and other inter-color combos. Especially, Flagstone Garrison is a 3 and makes it easier to find more 3’s.

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Having two Omegacrons on the board and Rewind in hand, but not quite enough money to pay for everything I needed. Then I remembered Prynn maxband - play her, maxband, use all her time runes to flicker both patrollers out of the patrol zone, play a nullcraft to bring the base down to 18 and burn everything to get the 'crons online!


This is from my last RACE game against @lettucemode.

I felt like the game up to this point had been fairly even, but I had a slight advantage (since I was doing my thing of wiping their board until my win condition comes up, and I’d poked his base to 16 HP). He had used Thieving Imp to discard one of my cards, preventing me from using Surprise Attack to break his patrol last turn (I still did it, but it took a lot more effort). Since I was going Blood Tech II, he did the smart thing and put down an Abomination, completely disabling any Shoddy Gliders I might have had (I hadn’t teched any yet) and effectively removing the Frenzy 1 from Drakk’s midband. To be sure it (and he) would survive, he put it in Lookout and played Gorgon to Squad Leader and Grave to Elite. Because I had mentioned how much Thieving Imp had messed me up, he hopefully asked if it had discarded Kidnapping.

Not only had it not, but I now had Kidnapping in my hand and the perfect target to use it on.

I kidnapped Gorgon and had it trade with Abomination. Since Gorgon was under my control I got to draw a card from it dying, and I drew Captured Bugblatter. Since Drakk was close to max level I had my crippled Zane trade with Grave, which cleared his patrol zone and let me give Haste to one of my units from my hand. Played Bugblatter and a Crashbarrow, the two of them and Drakk attacked his base for 15 of its 16 remaining HP, then Crashbarrow died from ephemeral and Bugblatter’s ability did the last point of damage to close the game.



I will like any Blood victories.


Here’s one from relatively recently:

I’m playing [Finesse]/Present/Discipline against mono-purple. My opponent just built his Tech 2 last turn.

My board: L3 Geiger with 1 damage
Opponent’s patrol: Stewardess in Elite
Opponent’s board: Nullcraft, L1 Prynn, forecasted KotC
My hand: Wither, Bloom, 2x Nimble Fencer, Temporal Distortion

I begin the turn with 9 gold. The play is this:
Worker Wither (8)
Bloom Geiger (6)
Geiger kills Stewardess
Nimble Fencer hits Tech 2 for 2 (4)
Temporal Distortion Nimble Fencer for Star-Crossed Starlet (2)
Replay Nimble Fencer (0)
Starlet kills Prynn, maxbanding Geiger
Geiger’s maxband trashes and returns Starlet
Starlet breaks Tech 2
Fencer hits base for an additional 2


Played another Blue vs. Green game against my wife tonight. Decided, hey, let’s use some spells and try out a new thing. On one turn, my hand consisted of:
• Dreamscape
• Hallucination
• Manufactured Truth

Between these three cards, I managed to immediately wipe out my wife’s whole board for remarkably little.


I’m obviously missing something here (probably because I’ve never played blue) - but I don’t really see the interaction here.

Dreamscape makes everything into an illusion, and then Hallucination lets you kill 2 things. How are you killing the rest without any other targeting effects on the board? And what does Manufactured Truth have to do with it (since that doesn’t target)?

I had another couple of units that let me finish the job (I believe I used Manufactured Truth to turn an Overeager Cadet into a Brave Knight to get Double Value out of him) but in the end I’m not super sure Dreamscape was a smart call.