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Codex Salt Thread


Sometimes, the [Codex] hits just right… for the other player.

This morning I was playing Law against my wife, who was playing White. I’d finally made it to Tech III and spent 10 on a Lawbringer Griffin. Hell yeah!

On her next turn, she maxbands Grave and immediately headshots my griffin. Poor guy never had a chance.

When the [Codex] hits just right
Codex Red Herring Strategies

Um but what about arrival fatigue


The best part of this is that I literally can’t tell if it’s in response to my own story (Grave was already in play) or if it’s just an all-purpose Oh No Wait Oh No experience we’ve all had


Grave is pretty rude!


Recently in a PBF game, my P1T2 tech 2x shadowblade with vandy on the field, going into T3 I redraw 4 after shuffling discard of 8, nailing the 6/85/74/6*3/5 chance of no shadowblade. 78.5% of games I get a shadowblade, alright fine no biggie, we’re in 21.5% of games.

Well my opponent patroled only a theiving imp with garth behind the patrol so I naturally went for the midband vandy, fetch dark pact for 1, draw 2/4*1/3 chance of no shadowblade…
Nailed it.
That game did not go well.


Ahah I had almost the same, once in PBF I had a Lawbringer Gryphon in game and my opponent played Sacrifice the Weak :cry:

My saltiest memory was a game in which my opponent had a lvl 3 Bigby in hand and didn’t build his Tech II, and me a giant board with maxband Onimaru behind. Bigby maxbands, Judgment Day, Bigby suicides on Oni, Orpal, Carrion Curse, my 2 The Art of War discarded. Nailed :confounded:


It is nice to know that sometimes, very rarely, i can get super lucky.


When you set up for a Gigadon and your opponent Community services it right out of your hand.

Or if they use Kidnappping. Ever.

Stop stealing my stuff @GRAG.


Just don’t tech in large stuffs! :wink:


Did she end up winning?


Losing one Omegacron to community service is bad. Losing two is table flip worthy :sob:


Community Service at least doesn’t skip Forecast, right?


nothing skips forecast


That almost makes it worse, because until it arrives the only thing I can do is add or remove time runes and after it arrives, it’s untargetable.


And you have to sit there… watching it… taunting you. Silently saying, “You know what’s coming. And you know you brought this on yourself. Do you see what happens, Larry?”


Similar experience, I am not used to play against white. I put Spirit of the Panda on a Giant Panda that I put in Squad Leader, so I am all defense up to hold against whatever he might throw at me… Grave says: BOOM! Headshot! … Here goes 7 gold to the trash.


I played with a buddy who’s on his 2nd game of Codex this weekend, my White against his Black. This scenario repeated itself a couple of times.

me: I put [name of hero] to mid-band.
him: starts to take his turn
me: …you might want to read what [name of hero]'s maxband does before you do too much…
him: reads maxband
him: …that’s bullshit.


Definitely relatable. When I first went through the cards in Codex, Rook’s maxband (wait so he gets 12 health? the VALUE!), along with Terras Q (how is he a Tech II unit? How does he have the highest stats of any unit in Codex?) and MoLC (permanent +5/+5 for only five attacks? where’s the catch? why doesn’t this break the game?), were what made me lose it.


Since Nan eMorchir Mordor (I am the Dark Lord of Mordor), salt is my bread and butter. And salt, obv.
I remember that since the start i often was amazed of how lucky ppl were, getting on T3 their just teched cards, were I, even with a deck of 8 cards (2 in work and 2 on the field) drawing 5 always (yes i mean always) resulted in just starter deck cards. Then i did the math, discovering it was not them but me and my legendary rotten luck. A few months of playing and i finally got a tech I card in T3 hand! yay! This proves that statistics and probability are just crap. Luck may be blind, but bad luck never miss.
As a rule of the thumb, despite th 50% odds: as white starter i get sensei P1T1 only 2 times outta 10. Same for mox with purple.
FML, for real :’(


I won’t lie - this is the most frustrating part of Codex. Not getting either teched cards on reshuffle is a huge bummer and has a surprising impact on the rest of the game.

It’s an interesting design issue because for a game that minimizes bad variance as much as it does, the little that creeps in is incredibly frustrating.