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Codex Salt Thread


otherwise would be some kind of chess :wink:
Variance is the spice of gaming (except when it turns into salt lol)


True fact: Salt is the one truly essential spice.


I did not play any cards that turn.


Later in the game I put Drakk into the patrol zone in Technician. When he died, the card I drew was Kidnapping.

I did not play Kidnapping that game.


Into the salt mines with ye’!


2 words:


So I put together a theme deck specifically to take all of the opponent’s stuff: [Law]/Blood/Future, to get some Arrest/Manufactured Truth, Community Service, Kidnapping and Ogre Recruiters, and Assimilate.

I try it out against @holytispon, who brings the Bigby mirror.

Things start off very smoothly with an early Assimilate of his Rich Earth. But he hit his Community Service before I hit mine, just in time to steal my second Recruiter (first one not yet played) out of my discard pile. I finally get my own Recruiter on the table and disable his with Porkhand, and he goes and kills it, then steals that one. I have to resort to Kidnapping one of my own Recruiters from him and trading it with the other one! So rude.

I pulled it out in the end, but only due to an insanely lucky double-Injunction draw, and an unlucky hand for him.


…so basically it works. #ItsFineShipIt


Recruiter can’t steal Tech 2 units.
Your parade


Except nowhere in that story is an ogre recruiter used to steal a tech II unit. Kidnapping and Community Service are used for that.


The Ogre actually never recruited anyone. We just stole it back and forth from each other until the two ogres ran into each others. I was actually running jurisdiction to play fire spells but he went for tech 2 blood so I teched community service. Fun times!


I think that the Community Service worked against me actually. If I stayed on cheap units that mostly suicide and fire spells, he would have no targets for his kidnapping and community service. It was only because I stole his ogre with community service that he found a target for kidnapping and that meant I spent a lot of resources on nothing.


Our four-player free-for-all is nearing its end — I’m at ten workers and Tech III like everyone else — and my board has little more left on it than a maxband Zane and a tech lab so I can play both Blood and Fire. My base health is kind of middling, so I hope to escape notice.

I discard my hand and somehow draw the combination I had been hoping against hope for. Hotter Fire, Captured Bugblatter, and — the keystone of this plan — Maximum Anarchy. Imagine the damage I can do by destroying ALL HEROES AND UNITS in a four-player game and having each unit deal two damage to a base of my choice! I could practically take EVERY base to zero!

And then the next player goes and immediately wins the game by eliminating one of the other players.


Do I smell heresy?


Nope, just salt


I’m pretty sure that when my wife rolled a natural 20 against me the other night to decide who goes first, it dropped my luck stat by at least a few points. How else do you explain drawing my first Tech I card after building my Tech II building