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[Tournament] Let's do This

It’s been a while since we’ve had a tournament, methinks it’s time to fix that. Signups end in one week from today. Using the CAS ruleset,

Sign ups here:
Bob199 (Setsy + Garth & Arg)
FrozenStorm (PtW.dec =b )
Andreas ([Necro]/Demonology/Anarchy)
petE ( [Necro]/Balance/Anarchy)
Shadow_Night_Black (Mono Purple)
ARMed_Pirate ([Law]/Strength/Fire)
Zhavier ([Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu)


Currently have more likes than actual sign ups… :codexzane:

I’m in, are we publicly posting decks or PMing you like we would Eric?

I liked it because I’m glad this is happening, but I don’t think I’ll be participating. I’d rather not commit so much time to a tournament right now, especially with how rusty I am.

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I’m interested, just need to think more on a preferred combo.

Just post here, doesn’t seem to be much interest anyways

Count me in, I’ll go with [Necro]/Balance/Anarchy

This random deck I rolled for a game, [Past]/Discipline/Blood, has been kind of fun, I’m tempted to try it in a tourney, but I think instead I’ll bring back [Demon/Necro]/Finesse, as that was super interesting.

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… Why, not. Mono purple for me. Lets see how good it’ll do in a tourney…

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I’m in. I’m going to try out [Law]/Strength/Fire.

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I’ll go with [Necro]/Growth/Anarchy

I’m in, [Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu

24 hours left for signups

Lol I like your title of my deck choice Bob-o XD

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If :menelker: played Codex, your deck is what he’d be playing, no?

Also, any last minute changes to decks need to be in by tomorrow as well

Round 1 Pairings:

@FrozenStorm (PtW.dec) vs. @Shadow_Night_Black (Mono Purple)
@Bob199 (Setsy + Garth & Arg) vs. @Zhavier ([Finesse]/Demon/Ninjutsu)
@petE ( [Necro]/Balance/Anarchy) vs. @Andreas ([Necro]/Demonology/Anarchy)
@ARMed_Pirate ([Law]/Strength/Fire) vs. @rathyAro ( [Feral]/Blood/Truth)

glhf all


Darn. I totally forgot about this.
If you are in need of an 8th player, I would be game. However, I’ve never played PbF before as I am able to play F2F and via TTS most of the time.

As Rath is more experienced than me in playing PbF, I would rescind my application to play so that he may play if there is a spot left.

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Was away for a while :confused: Well if there’s any opening I’d love to join.

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You should both declare a deck, and you should be able to join. Either one of you will get paired against armed_pirate or against each other.

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Awesome. I’ll be running [Feral]/Blood/Truth @Bob199