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What is the current meta like?

Hey there! New member here, and currently looking to getting into what seems to be an amazing game, but I just wanted to know real quick: are there any codex or spec combinations that see a lot more use, or that are more favored to play as than others?

Thank you!

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Mono color is highly recommended for new players, and they continue to be good at high level play


The best place to check the meta is tournament threads. Look at the last 6 or 7 tournaments. Note the latest tournie was a bit wierd, and harder to see what decks did well or were chosen more frequently. It also had illegal deck options, by design.


Actually, the banned decks in that tournament would be a good starting point for the very reason of them being excellent decks that are legal in most tournaments.

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Welcome to the forums!

As said above, the last tournament (XCAPS19) allowed technically illegal decks and in-match spec counterpicks, and two tournaments before that (XCAFS18) some of the stronger decks were banned, so the meta’s been a bit different recently. The easiest thing to do is to go to the thread for XCAFS18 and see what was banned and why.

In addition to those bans, it’s common to take a monocolour deck and swap a spec out for Finesse. Using the Neutral starter avoids any multicolour cost penalties, River’s spells are pretty efficient, and Nimble Fencers are good in pretty much any deck.


Agreed on this point. Here are those threads, for lazy’s sake (excluding XCAPS19, which was a draft format for funsies):

CAWS18 (Codex Async Winter Swiss)

XCAFS18 (eXperimental Codex Async Fall Swiss 18, experiment was meta ban list)

CAMS18 (Codex Async suMmer Swiss 18)

… Hiatus of Spring and Winter

Bob ran a CAS-Like tourney Fall 17

Archive of results from CAS tourneys prior

I wrote up an explanation of the bans in XCAFS18 here:

I also wrote up a speculation of what would be A-Tier (if that ban list is my S-tier), but I don’t think it was borne out:


Hello @fdsfgs71 !
I 100% agree with zhavier and FrozenSorm. What is more, keep in mind that these tournaments doesn’t have prize of any kind and that the competition really takes place after the deck choices.
Tell me if I’m wrong but there is IMO a consensus on these ideas :

  • black starter is definitely defining meta
  • competitive decks have some kind of hand management (at least to counter thieving imp)
  • competitive decks have a way to deal with Vandy and Garth cause they’re really bulky heroes
  • Blood and Peace have good Tech II units and Anarchy has a terrifying Tech III unit
  • Rook + birds is a good opening and boosting birds with Finesse or Growth spells is nice

here comes my tier-list (I’m not as good as most players there, open to debate, and listing only two specs each time)
Tier 1 : Demonology+Necromancy
Tier 2 : Past+Peace, Strength+Growth, Necromancy+Blood

But maybe the synergy with starters is even more relevant. My convinction is that the banlist is a huge improvement to Codex.

Oh and by the way in 5 players FFA the tier-list is almost inversed with Law, Disease and Fire going from 2nd, 3rd and 4th worst specs to 2nd, 3rd and 4rth best specs. But bottom Bashing stays at bottom and best Necromancy stays best.