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[Tournament] Let's do this 2

Congrats to @FrozenStorm for living up to his deck’s namesake in the first iteration of LDT. What will people bring this time around?

Signups end in one week from today. Just post your deck in the thread to sign up.
Using the CAS ruleset:

Former participants roll call : @Andreas , @petE , @ARMed_PIrate , @zhavier , @rathyAro

Sign ups here:
Bob199 (Cala + Drakk & Quonce )
FrozenStorm (Future + Necro & Peace)
Zhavier (Anarchy + Strength & Growth)
RathyAro (finesse + peace & truth)
Legion (PtW.dec)
sKiTTer (Demonology + Future & Law)
Salrane (Present + Peace & Anarchy)
hobusu (Anarchy + Strength & Growth)
Dreamfire (Blood + Feral & Present)
ARMed_Pirate (Discipline + Ninjutsu & Bashing)


I’m in and I’ll play [Future]/Peace/Necro in @EricF’s honor, unless I can think of a more inventive deck in the next week

Anarchy strength growth

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I recommend moving this out of the codex play by forum sub category, as many folks miss it when its hiding among all the games people are playing.

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I think we just have less players interested hanging around these days :confused:

Also could be that people are currently focused on getting MMM matches finished

I’m going to be away for a few weeks in Dec/Jan, so will most likely have to give this one a miss, sorry.

I’m definitely joining. I’m just mulling over my deck choice til the last minute.

4 days left for sign ups

sign me up with [finesse]/growth/strenght Ty :wink:

I’m bringing [finesse]/peace/truth

I feel bad not having the best deck from the previous tournament in, but this has just been testing better for me.

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My first games that aren’t against a person equally new to the game are to take place in a tournament setting. How thrilling! Looks like it’s time to dark horse around.


There should be one more registrant once he gets home from work, makes a forum account, and decides on a codex.


The aforementioned equally new player, reporting in. Looking forward to seeing how much learning I have left to do in this game!



If either you or @sKiTTer would like some warm up games to get the hang of the forums, I’m happy to oblige


Edit: Never mind!

We just need one more person for 8

…Alright, I’ll join. I’m still rusty, so I’ll use [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth like I did in the last tournament I entered (unless stepping on @zhavier’s toes like that is a problem, of course).

Would having a ninth player be problematic? I hadn’t signed up until now because I was still considering codices, but I’ve decided on Blood + Feral & Present.

If it is a problem, I’d be fine with letting @Dreamfire have my spot.

The more the merrier. As long as we can start with an even number of players, nobody will be stuck with a bye early on

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