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Post here if you’re looking for a Tabletopia opponent

Post here if you’re looking for someone to play Codex against on Tabletopia.
Give the following information:

  • Times during which you’d be available (include the timezone!)
  • Whether you have a Gold subscription (required for one player/host if you’re not playing 1v1 Bashing vs. Finesse), or are willing to get one.

Optionally give the following:

  • Your Tabletopia username, unless you’d rather give it to opponents by private message.
  • Your deck choice, if you’re not deciding on the day.

Be aware that only 1v1 is implemented. Tabletopia has text chat only, and recommends Discord if you want voice chat. There is a Codex channel on the Sirlin Games Discord server. Voice chat can be done by private message.

Example (this is a genuine request):

User: Grakkus (ID: siroccoontheglebe)
Gold subscription: No, but willing to get one
Times available: c. 20.30-24.00 GMT on weekdays, need a few days’ notice
Deck: Whatever. Happy to do either monocolour or mixed.

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Hi there,

great idea!

User: hdwq (ID: l1-mustermann)
Gold: No, but possibly willing to get one
Times available: typically 19:00-24:00 CET
Deck: Any

If anybody is interested to play there is a better chance to catch me on the discord (user: hadowaku) than here or tabletopia ( Also playing with voice chat benefits the tabletopia experience a lot. :wink:


Good to see you on the forums, hadowaku! I’m free to play again on Thursday evening, if you still are.

Its probably worth setting up a discord server for this, makes it easy to find people to play with and have voice comms.

Does that have advantages over going through the official Codex channel? I have a pretty poor grasp on how Discord servers work.

If there already an official discord server/channel I am not aware of it (and therefore should also be mentioned here)

General channel for Codex is part of the Sirlin Games server PastaSnack linked to, there’s not a channel for playing it on Tabletopia. I’ll link to the official server in the original post.

User: Shadow Night Black (ID: shadow-night-black) (Faulty Ice on Discord)
Gold subscription: No
Times available: c. 20.00-24.00 GMT on weekdays
Deck: Whatever. Happy to do either monocolour or mixed (most likely mono purple).

Hoping to find someone to play a couple of games with this weekend or next on Tabletopia.

User: (ID: grpetro71)
Gold subscription: No, but willing to get one
Times available: Pretty sporadic - hoping to play a few games this weekend or next - I am on PST.
Deck: Any

For future readers, please note that Codex is no longer on Tabletopia.

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