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Viability of a tournament on Tabletopia

I played a few games with someone from the Discord server with the Neutral specs a little while ago on Tabletopia, using Discord to talk to each other, and, apart from a few niggles with the interface, had a good time. It was a nice contrast to playing by forum, since I struggle to find people for a physical game.

Looking again at the pricing scheme, I see that Gold membership allows guests to be allowed on Premium games, like Codex, and the help files imply that that would allow a member to host a game between two non-members.

If people who’ve used Tabletopia can confirm that’s how it works, I’m curious how many people here would be interested in hosting a tournament on there. Only one or two memberships would then be required, for the referees. It could be good for people who don’t have the time for forum play, and would make it easier to fit in another tournament around the Seasonal Swiss.

Any thoughts?


I play only online, because there are no Codex players in my city. I use for this Tabletop Simulator, it is very similar to Tabletopia. All their 25-30 games played there, and comparing with the game through the forum, I think it is much easier and clearer. The only drawback-it’s not a free app, as the premium status in Tabletopia. But I’m sure it’s a great alternative place to play.

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Yeah, having to pay is an issue. If I remember correctly, the Tabletop Simulator version of Codex isn’t an official version, and I’d rather use an official version, especially for tournaments. Also, I don’t use Steam, and Tabletopia can be used in a browser.

Its been a while since I played on tabletopia (only played on it once or twice before using tabletop sim instead) and I have to say the interface was lacking and the bugs were noticeable (I could see the cards my opponent had tech 1 off for example). Having said that, it has been about a year since then so that might have improved.

One thing to be aware off, is the amount of time a game takes on tts/tabletopia, your looking at about 45-60 mins min per game (not too much slower then rl once people are used to the interface, multiply by 1.5 - 2 times if they are not), so if you want a full tournment, expect it to take the entire day (and thats before time zones…)

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Yeah, our games took about an hour each. We wouldn’t need to fit a whole tournament into a day, though: we’d have a month’s subscription to play with, so I was thinking of something in line with how Yomi tournaments are done, where matches are done when the players arrange them.

I confirm, my games last an hour or a little longer. Yes, it’s unofficial on Tabletop Simulator. do both players need to be premium to play on Tabletopia?

As far as I can tell from the help pages, you need one premium player to open a room, and non-premium guests can then join the room as players. I think this means that the players can both be guests, hence the “premium player as host/referee” approach I suggested. Again, confirmation of this from people who’ve used Tabletopia would be great.

Per the standard rules fpr tournaments on this forum, games do not need to take place on the forums to be considered part of this tournament. If players want to arrange to play on tabletopia, that is allowed. I think forcing people to play on tabletopia, even if it is free to them, would be counter productive. I don’t mean people would be forced against their will, I mean that it might discourage people from signing up for said tournament.


Also, in my experience on the Yomi side, getting folks to schedule multiple matches a week would likely be tricky, so unless your tournament only has 4 rounds, it would be hard to get it done in a month. Especially if you are trying to coordinate 2 players + the referee.


Thanks to everyone who replied, it looks like doing this would take a lot of effort/money compared to what would come out of it. Ah, well.

I bought a Tabletopia subscription to play with my brother online, and it’s worked out well.

To clarify: my brother doesn’t need the full subscription to play, only I do.

I’d be keen to play more tabletopia games, perhaps on a regular sunday timeslot. Could be tourney or casual. Any takers?

If there are people using TT, then it might be worth putting up a “find an opponent” thread for finding Tabletopia opponents, like the play-by-forum one. I’m happy to put one up when I’ve got a block of time.

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Does Tabletopia allow for asychronous play?

No, you both have to be logged in at the same time.