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Orange County, CA players?

I’ve got the print & play but haven’t played nearly as many games as many folks on the forums, but thought it might be interesting to gauge interest in possibly meeting up somewhere when we get our sets. Post your location, nearby FLGSs, and interest/timing (subject to shipment deliveries, hurry up ShipNaked/FedEx!!!).

I’m in Fullerton, FLGSs: Dice House (Fullerton) and The Realm (Brea).


I am in this area. I didn’t even know The Realm existed but it turns out it’s only 16 minutes away from me.

I’d be definitely down to have a meet up to play some Codex

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I’m in Anaheim, so I’m familiar with both game stores. Definitely down to get my ass kicked. I’ve played the Codex Starter… once…


I may be moving to fullerton soon, down to get rekt! Played 2 pbf starter games so far, got deluxe incoming.

Nice, sounds like we’ll have a good opportunity to get a decent community started here local. :+1:

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Orange, CA
Unknown local FLGS. I an really not a board game player. Also on weekdays, I get home at 9pm from work.

How big is Dice House in Fullerton? The reason I ask is I went to The Realm this previous Saturday and it was smallish and looked like on Saturday’s that most of the tables were given to miniature gaming until 6pm. This might make it difficult to get some games of Codex going, unless we just had a later meet up time?

Does Dice House have better space for random gaming? Dice House is also close to me so I’ll probably go there this Saturday to check it out.

Also what day were people thinking for doing a meet up? Saturday’s work best for me. If it was going to be a week day it would have to be earlier in the day for me (either Tuesday or Thursday morning would work) because where I live If I try and come home between 4-6pm then I might as well not even go home until 8pm.

It’s pretty good sized, but not humongous like Shuffle & Cut in La Habra or Gameology in (I think) Montclair. Keep in mind that both places have certain days of the week set aside for certain things where those get priority. YMMV but I’ve found that The Realm has focused more on miniatures (I play Warmachine there on Thursdays) but Dice House has focused on board/card games (FFG LCG leagues on Tuesdays). Sundays are typically Open Board Game Day at Dice House but it looks like he’s hosting a MTG release event this coming weekend both days. Here’s the Facebook page where the owner posts events, etc.

It sounds like you’ll have your Deluxe set by this weekend, I’m still waiting for the shipping email :cry: I would think in general weekends are usually best for the most part. I would love to see your Deluxe set while waiting for mine, but I’ve got my kids this weekend though so I may not be able to meet up.

My Deluxe set just got delivered today during my lunch break. I actually went straight home (I live pretty close to work) to bring it inside. I hate to reiterate what everyone else is saying, but dang that box is huge. I got my shipping notification early last week though.


W00t! Got my shipment notification, scheduled for delivery on Saturday!

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Hi, though I am not new to Sirlin in general (lurked for years), I just got my Codex sets. I hail from Orange. Looking to be a bit more active in the forums by playing via the forums, but if a meetup can be arranged, I would like to know.


Since every one in the area probably has their Codex stuff (or will have it soon) would people be interested in scheduling a meet up?

I can make it to either location and Saturdays work for me as long as I have enough notice (around a week of notice is fine). Would people be available this or next Saturday, October 1st and 8th respectively? Any time in the afternoon or later works for me. Probably could be there around 2:30-3pm. Would a different day work for people?

@TheJTrain @Tallergeese @NikoBolas @Alhazard @Akasha


I can do this Saturday but earlier would work better for me, I have other plans around 4:30 - and there may be other events going on at Dice House that would get table priority (or maybe that’s only in the evening - I’ll find out tomorrow). Sunday would be good for me as well (and is Dice House’s regularly-scheduled “bring whatever” Board Game Day), anytime after 12:30.

Dice House is a great location, very convenient (e.g., easy walk) to several restaurants and in quick delivery range of Jimmy John’s! More room/tables than The Realm, though that’s a great store too - just slightly different niches, IMO.

no problem on oct 1 or 8 afternoon

If you wanted to get together this Saturday morning I could be there when it opens (I’m pretty sure that’s 10am) but would have to leave at or a little before 1pm. That could still give us some good game time if you’re interested.

How does Saturday the 8th in the afternoon work for you?

If either of these days happen I’d prefer the Dice House as well. Let me know if any thing is going on there on both of these Saturdays that would stop a get together.

Also Sundays are no good for me so can’t meet up on any event for that day.

Just double-checked on FB, says open is 11am, but I can double-check tonight (Android: Netrunner league night!). I’m up for that though! Who else is in for some Codex on Saturday?

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Rats, 11 isn’t as much time but would still allow us to get in a couple of games at least. I’m down if you are.

Sunday is good for me, but I’m not familiar with any of the shops. Saturday morning probably isn’t worth the drive for me if it’s only a couple hours of play!

ClanNatioy is the only one who has to head out @ 1:00, I’m good for a couple more hours after that - and we may get others as they weigh in.

Dice House - Fullerton off the 57 @ Chapman
The Realm - Brea off the 57 @ Imperial

But those are just the two I mentioned at the top, I’m good to try out others that other folks know/frequent.

I think I could do the 1st, maybe not the 8th. For Sundays I can’t do the 2nd.