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Orange County, CA players?

So it sounds like we’ve got a possible 4 for this Saturday @ 11am @ DiceHouse: ClanNatioy, NikoBolas, Akasha, and myself. Any others interested?

I’m interested, although I’m still not sure about my Saturday availability. Has anyone checked to see if Dice House is running an event or something already that day?

I was there this morning and checked with them. They said they had something going on around 6pm (can’t remember what) but had nothing going on before that. So we should be okay.

I probably can’t come tomorrow, a friend is driving up from San Diego to play some Magic. If he flakes (which is common), I’ll make the drive! Ive played a few games so far, lots of fun, but a pain in the ass to teach people. I’m looking forward to playing with people who know the basics at least.

In Long Beach, might be able to make a meet up sometime. I do not think this Saturday will work for me unfortunately. Sounds fun though!

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For the people that have deluxe sets how are you planning on transporting your stuff? My current Codex travel solution is a Malifaux Battlefoam bag (that never did get used to hold Malifaux stuff so glad I found a use for it). I was able to get the rule book, two codices (with all the spec, hero, applicable token units, and add on cards), play mat, some dice, and the necessary tokens.

So how is every one else planning on transporting Codex?

If this game really takes off like I hope it does a Codex travel case would be a pretty dope product to have available. Something that was deep enough for two binders, a spot for the additional cards that don’t go into the Codex, with space for a single play mat, a removable plastic tray that stores all the tokens in nice cubbies, and the bag has a removable shoulder strap. If that existed I’d purchase it immediately.

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I posted some pictures in this thread but my intention was to get everything in the deluxe box and use it for transport, as opposed to a minimalist “constructed” binder or two. I’m still very much on the learning curve and playing mono-color exclusively until I learn the cards, and I anticipate having opportunities to assist multiple simultaneous 2-player games, hence the need to have everything together.

I’ll have my whole Deluxe set at DiceHouse tomorrow so anyone else who’s coming, if you don’t feel like bringing your own, I’m more than happy to share.

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Running a bit behind this morning, probably won’t be there until 11:15ish

It was really cool meeting every one. Sorry I had to leave so early. I’m hoping we can have another meet up soon


It was good playing with you, man!

We had a pretty good turnout with seven people in all. I hope we do this again soon. Maybe get some of the LA or SD people to come too!


Very cool to see & meet everyone who came, we had 7 total and for a while had 3 simultaneous 2-player games going! @ClanNatioy @Alhazard @Tallergeese @Akasha myself, and 2 others who I don’t think had posted here (I got your real names but not your forum names, so can’t tag you) but saw the thread and came to play. Generated some interest & questions from passersby as well, so that’s good too.

Seeing @ClanNatioy’s Malifaux transport bag gave me a really good idea to try the same concept with a BattleFoam bag I have for Warmachine, for everything but the playmats anyway. I’ll have to see if it’s the right dimensions to fit the codices flat.

Until next time!!!


Looks like you guys had a successful meetup. Nice!

Any future ones planned?

It’s a little bit of a drive from where I am, but I’d be down to journey out there on a weekend if it meant getting to play some Codex for a while. Haven’t yet found people around where I’m located.

I’d definitely be down to have more meet ups. The last one was pretty spur of the moment because I really wanted to play some Codex but if there’s like a week and a half or more of notice I’d be able to stay longer.

I’m not sure when other people are available but I could do the 15th or 22 of October. Or some Saturday in November. It would be cool to get in another meet up before the holidays start because I assume people are going to start getting busy around that time.

I can’t make it October 15-16, but I can definitely make the weekend after or any subsequent weekends. Super excited to play more Codex!

October 22nd would work for me as well.

That’s three so far.

I can only do about an hour (11am-noon) on the 15th but I’m right around the corner so if people will be here I can be too.

I might be able to do the 22nd but if so I’ll have kids (11 and 9) in tow, so that will determine how long I’ll be able to stay.

I’m based in Claremont, so if you’re ever going to be up in the area, shoot me a PM a week before, and I can get to Gameology (one town over) pretty easily.

But Dice House is actually my favorite store in SoCal, thanks to its cleanliness and organization. (They also discount new games to help compete with Amazon and the like.) I make no guarantees (I have a 10-mo.-old, and it’s still a 30-to-40-minute drive for me), but I’ll try to make the 22nd. (:

Actually, something just came up for me on the 22nd. I can’t do that weekend at all. Booo…

Well we found an apartment in Fullerton and we move in on the 1st of November. Might be hard for me to get over to Orange County before then, but I’ll keep my ears open. Still havent played as much codex as I wanted.

Is the 22nd still happening? Right now it looks like it’s only @Momi and myself that can make it. If you were still interested in meeting up what time would you be free? I would probably be there around 3pm.

Edit: I just checked The Dice House’s calendar and it seems there is some sort of MtG event (Kaladesh Game Day) happening from 12pm - 10pm on the 22nd. So it turns out that wont be a good day to meet up there anyway, sorry my fault about that. We will have to try and schedule another day for a Codex meet up.