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London (UK) Players?

The best time for me is after work, probably in a pub around Central or North London, but I’m open to ideas.

I live in Hampstead (north London) and in the past we’ve met up at the Waterstones right next to the Hampstead tube on the northern line. Would be well up for meeting up!

Great! I can make it to Hampstead. Are any days typically good for you or do you play it by ear? I’m free this Wednesday or Thursday if you can make that short notice

Hey @snoc @fenrir @thehug0naut @Plum look at this

I’m not London based but I’m an hour’s train away, might be around London more in the near future though.

Are afternoons or evenings better for you? I’ve not got many free dates coming up to Easter, and I will need to check with my wife, but how about:

Tuesday 4th April
Saturday 15th April

I have one or two folk here who I’ve taught and might be keen to come too. I have deluxe set so we can have multiple games.

Evenings are typically better for me, but I can still try to make some afternoon sessions. 4th April works for me, but I’m not free on Saturday 15th April.

Cool, let’s go for 4th April - I can be there for 2pm, till 5:30pm - so enough time for a few games.

Shall we also find a date for after Easter, perhaps Saturday afternoon and evening, where we can get more people along? @snoc @fenrir @thehug0naut @Plum

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Sorry, I thought you meant in the evening of April 4th. I won’t be able to make the afternoon unfortunately :disappointed:

A Saturday afternoon after Easter would be great though.

Are you busy every weeknight?

I can probably hop on the train a weekend after Easter some time.

Gutted we can’t get that Tuesday to work - looked quite fortuitous, given that my wife had one of her friends visiting that afternoon!

Well, I work 3 evenings a week with my job (I’m a church minister), and I have a very young family (2 kids under 2 years old) so me being out in the evenings is pretty costly for my wife.

As for a date after Easter, how about afternoon/evening of Saturday 29th April, in Hampstead Waterstones? Does that work for others? @snoc

Should be good for me. I don’t think I’ve actually played any Codex since the last meetup though, definitely need to find a sparring partner nearer me…

Come visit Australia to spar with me


Ah sorry I can’t make either of those dates - life is pretty busy right now :crying_cat_face:

Saturday 29th April works for me

I might be able to make it on 29th. Any chance we can tie down the times so I can try and buy train tickets while they are cheap?

I’ll be there from 2pm till evening. I work in the mornings.

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I live pretty close and will be free from morning to evening

I’m based in Cambridge, UK, and I have people come to my house every Monday night to play board/card games. My situation is similar to APALM’s - small kids so it’s quite an ask of my wife for me to go out in the evenings - but I’d love it if anyone wanted to come to visit and play Codex :smiley:

Depending on where in London you’re talking about, Cambridge can be less than an hour’s drive from London. Some people come from Enfield-direction from time to time - I could even put people in touch with them for lift-sharing purposes if you like!

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Ok, I need to folk to confirm proper - who would be able to make the Codex afternoon in Hampstead on 29th April? If it isn’t many of us, let’s find another date, as I am now being pulled in a different direction that day!


@Alextfish @dozenal @Jadiel @snoc @Otsdarva