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London (UK) Players?

I am coming

I’m still interested in coming, but haven’t bought train tickets yet. I’d also like to confirm fairly soon whether or not it’s happening.

Have you seen this @fenrir @thehug0naut @Plum

I have a karate course that weekend :pensive:

Well this is interesting, as it happens I’m actually in London that weekend!

Unfortunately I’m gonna be busy pretty much the entire time I’m there so no chance of making the meet up :disappointed:

Similarly, I’m planning to be in London that afternoon. Not sure if I’ll be able to lug my Codex set up with me too or when I’ll be done, but I can always head up to Hampstead if I finish at a reasonable time.

You can use my cards if it’s too much for you to carry :slight_smile:

Are we still meeting?
@APALM @Jadiel

Yep, it’s on like Donkey Kong

And I will bring my Deluxe set

I can book a central table for us - what time will you lot be there from? Shall I book from 2pm?

I know the cafe manager (-:

2pm sounds great. I live pretty close, so I will get there whenever you guys do

Just don’t drop it on the train

Hi all, first time poster here. I noticed a Codex game getting set up in London and wondered if I may be included in the next one? Unfortunately April 29th is too short notice for me. I have the whole set which (as an Mtg player) I couldn’t resist.

I’m up for mid week Codex games also as I work in the city so I sometimes go to Czech bar in West Hampstead to play board games with my school buddies.

Mid week in the evening after work? That’s usually good for me. What days do you play?

We usually play on Thursdays every few months as it’s tough to find a time when we’re all free. I’m happy to meet up for Codex on Thursday May 11th with anyone on here if that sounds do-able? I can usually be at the Czech bar by 6.15pm.

Have you been to Czech bar before? It’s a great venue.

Thursday May 11th sounds great. I’ve never been before, looking forward to it

Great, I’ve put it in the diary, looking forward to it too.

I haven’t had a chance to play it since I bought it so I suspect I will receive a schooling from players like yourself on this forum. My mtg skills should make me a fast learner I hope! :slight_smile:

Just remember flying is pretty different.

Yes I noticed, and if I understood correctly, it’s more powerful in Codex. I.e. Non reciprocated attack damage against non flyers (and non anti-air) whether attacking or patrolling. Is that correct?

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