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London (UK) Players?

well, on patrol its not just non reciprocated, such units cant even attack the flyer, and behave as though the flyer weren’t patrolling.


Ah yes, I’ve just read some clarifications on bgg. Flying becomes a little weaker when patrolling so it’s less useful as a defensive tool it seems. It’s shame the rule clarifications on “flying” actually make this less clear, they are very poorly written IMHO.

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I thought the clarifications I. The rules thread in this forum were pretty thorough. But I can see how they might get improved.

So who is actually coming this Saturday April 29th? My cousin is interested in coming, but I thought I would check just so that we don’t accidentally end up with a small, odd number of people (although I guess that me and him could just play on the same “team” in a pinch)

I will be there and have booked a big table which can cater for 6-8 players

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I’m afraid I’m not going to make it. I have something else on on that day now. Let me know if you’re doing it again - I was looking forward to meeting @APALM and chatting about Durham!

I’m still a maybe - if people can post on here when they are leaving and/or keep an eye out for if I post when I’m finished with my other thing, that’d be great!

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Sure thing


@Jadiel - I’m curious as to why you’ll be chatting about Durham? Since I live there, and have no local players since @Fenrir appears to have disappeared. I’m aware of @APalm’s past Durham connections, but now I’m curious as to yours :slight_smile:

PS I definitely can’t make it to a meetup in London (it’s a long way, I have a young family and am also really busy for pretty much the whole of this year), but I hope you guys all have a great time :slight_smile:

I went to uni there, a long time ago. I’m pretty sure it was before @APALM was there, but I think he worked at a church I used to go to, so I was interested to see if we have common friends :slight_smile:

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cool - I also went to uni there, also a long time ago (first degree 2001-2005, then a PhD till 2010) - the only difference is that I never left :slight_smile: (Well, I left the university, but my wife and I - we met while at uni - both decided to stay to live in Durham.)

Ah yes, I should have used this forum as my first reference, much clearer now thanks :slight_smile:

I was there 2003-2010, first as a student and then working for Christchurch Durham.

Also, I will be bringing a mate on Saturday afternoon.

I was there from 1997-2000. Christchurch doesn’t sound familiar, but it’s on Claypath isn’t it? Is there another church on the same road?

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Great, I’ll bring my cousin then

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Yeah, Christchurch is Claypath - same people, but no longer URC. Check out their website.

We’re on the bus, should be there 2.10

I’m here - big table reserved in the upstairs cafe. See you soon!

I’m jealous.

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