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Little tricks to keep track of everything in Codex

So I’ve played a few games of Codex so far, and there’s constantly so much going on that I’ve found a few helpful ways to not forget stuff. These include:

• Teching cards in perpendicular to the discard deck (and always counting “one” and “two” aloud) so I can make sure I teched

• By a similar token, I always say “discarding X, drawing Y” out loud so that even if I have to shuffle, I’ll have an easier time remembering the total number of cards I’m drawing up to

• If I buy a Tower, I put it on my mat between the Hero Zone and the Patrol Zone so that we don’t keep forgetting about it every single time

• Whenever a hero dies, I put them back into the Hero Zone face down and inverted (so that the “HERO” text is upside down). At upkeep, I go through the heroes up there and “right-side-up” each one of them, whether turning the face-down card face-up to indicate that they’re back in action, or turning an inverted face-down card around to indicate that this is the beginning of the full turn they’re out for

• Having a paper clip on your hero is a great way to readily indicate which band they’re at, with the level chits only getting used for in-band level-ups

Anyone else got any useful little tricks they use?


For Lvs I prefer using a dice. so i only need damage chits.


Same, I bought colored d8s for all the heros. The chits work fine but they can clutter up the card.

I also use the sideways tech cards.

If a unit is “disabled”, meaning it won’t ready on its next ready step, I will turn it upside down. Then on the ready step when I rotate it 90°, it’s still exhausted.

I have also used d6s for tech building hp instead of the damage chits. Either way is fine though.


I forget about the tower often enough. I would like some kind of Google Glass augmented reality overlay that shows me all the synergies going on in play at any given time with nice bright distinct instantly-recognizable icons for every single ability in the game floating on top of the cards. Or… a clone of Sirlin to sit beside me whenever I play to remind me about everything I am overlooking.


You joke, but we kind of did this at the last Toronto get-together. UTRALAW and ap49 were playing the last match of the night, and I just watched, which let me point out when people missed draws, or tower damage, etc. Hopefully I was helpful as well as annoying!


Having someone watching to remind you of stuff is super helpful in tournament matches, I screw stuff up all the time

I love the suggestions to upside-down the heroes as well as flip them over, and inverting disabled cards!

Also love the idea to put the tower next to the patrol zone, brilliant stuff all :slight_smile:


I use the same tokens for gold and hero levels. When upping a hero, I just dump coins on it’s card. When hiring new hero, I place the coins on hero’s card and then remove one coin. When killing opposing hero, I like to take two levelup tokens directly from his card.


Personally I found it super helpful to have some one remind me about miss draw or legal action especially if the person playing is new. Sometime these playing are so into the game they miss the little things and it takes an observer to remind them


We’ve discovered that a given hero’s space in the Command Zone makes a great place to keep channeling spells attached to them, so that if they leave play you’re forced to be reminded of them to discard them


Did anyone tried exhausting the workers to pay for gold and using gold tokens just for floating gold?

Haven’t done that, but instead I’ve got little containers for the various chits (like one for the damage chits, one for +/-, etc.). Each player gets one container that contains a countdown d20 for base HP, 3d6 for tech HP, and exactly 20 gold (8×1 gold and 6×2 gold). If there’s gold on your mat at the end of your turn, that’s how we indicate floating gold.

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I use dice for gold, and at the end of my turn, I’ll count my workers, and set that number on the dice (on top of the workers), that way on my upkeep, I can just move the dice from my workers to the board, and it’s easy to see at a glance what my total gold is.


I actually do the exact same thing using the official gold chips! Just pile them up during the opponent’s turn and put them on the workers, then move them at the start of the turn. Obviously dice work well, but the gold tokens are so nice!


When i had the PnP version of Codex i used dices to keep track of my Gold and thought it was better than having a bunch of loose Gold token around but ever since getting the real thing i kind of like using the gold token rather than Dice. But find dices to be better when showing damage on building and units instead of the chits. (The only chits i like using are the -1 rune )

Also while i like D6 dices to show time rune they look too much like counters so i always forget to remove them on the upkeep.


I’m using two-sided PennyGems for my gold; one side black and one side white.
I’ll have as many gems on the board as I have workers and flip them to white/black depending on whether I do or do not have that gold. I use separate tokens for floated gold.


I have another suggestion for keeping track of dead heroes. When a hero dies, you can put the dead hero face down in your command zone. Flip it face up at the beginning of your opponents turn. During your turn, if your hero is face up you can summon it.

For example:
If your hero dies on your turn, put it face down in command zone. At the start of your opponent’s next turn, flip it face up. Then on your next turn, you can resummon it.

If your hero dies on your opponent’s turn, put it face down in command zone. On your turn, you can’t resummon your dead hero because it’s face down. At the start of your opponent’s next turn, flip it face up. Then, On your next turn, you can resummon it.

*edit. Disregard this. @GRAG’s idea is better

Except that’s not right.
If your hero dies on your turn, you can’t summon it until after your next turn.


Exactly! That’s why, when my hero dies, it goes back in the command zone both face-down and inverted, and each upkeep I turn inverted cards right-side-up and face-down cards face-up, guaranteeing that my heroes stay dead for the right number of turns


Tnx @Bomber678. Ill edit my post. Ill copy @GRAG’s idea

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I’ve added silver and gold tokens for marking hero bands. They aren’t necessary, but they make it easier to see which bands the heroes are at from across the table.