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I can't find rules regarding building-type units

Are buildings (like the Sanitarium) units?

Can they patrol?

If so, and made an elite, can they attack?

I’ve had a heckuva time finding info on this as the words “building” and “unit” trigger so much.


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Buildings aren’t units, they’re buildings. They can’t patrol, because only units and heroes can patrol.

Upgrades aren’t units, either.


if you look closely, every card has printed if is a unit, building, ugrade or spell.
Only units can patrol/attack, unless is printed otherwise (young treant can’t attack, makeshift rambaster can’t patrol). A building is a building, infact has life but not attack.
Plz note that patrol bonuses happens only during opponent’s turn.
SO if u patrol in elite a 0/1 wisp, it becomes 1/1 only during the opponent turn.
AS soon as he passes, wisp gets back in the sidelines and is 0/1, not 1/1.
Patrol bonuses do not stack from a turn to another



Awesome - thanks for responding.

So, in that case, where does one play a building to?

Just the open area of the mat where the word, “Codex” is written?


Yes, just in the open area.


Got it. Thanks; couldn’t find it anywhere!

Yeah, the rules resources are not as new player friendly as they should be.

Buildings are not units. They can neither attack nor patrol, but they do suffer from arrival fatigue and cannot exhaust for any abilities in the turn you play them. In addition to the various cards which are buildings ( Graveyard, Jail, Rickety Mine, Garrison, etc, ) there are add-ons, Tech Buildings and your Base - all of which count as Buildings and can be damaged by effects like Wrecking Ball, General’s Hammer and Earthquake or repaired by Brick Thief and Artisan Mantis.

However, you have a couple other common misconceptions. Firstly cards of any type are NOT played into a specific zone. They are all just played into open and meaningless space on your mat. At the end of your main phase you may assign any of your units/heroes who are not exhausted to an open slot in your patrol zone. Secondly, at the start of your Ready step, all of your cards cease to patrol. Your own Patrol Zone bonuses can never apply during your turn, so putting something in the Elite slot will not aid you in attacking. The +1 ATK just means an Elite patroller deals more damage against oppossing attackers.


Thanks, mate.

Yeah, I get the not-patrolling-on-my-turn thing. I just didn’t know if - if buildings could patrol (which I now gather they don’t) - would they gain the elite +1 when attacked.

I would not have guessed that buildings would suffer from arrival fatigue, however, so thanks for that. Is that also true of upgrades?


In theory, upgrades should also have arrival fatigue, but in practice none of them have activated abilities that require exhausting them.

edit: I stand corrected!

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Bloodburn is upgrade and has exhaust


Eyes of the Chancellor is also an upgrade with an activated ability, but it has Haste so can be used the turn you play it.



So, how many types of cards are there (not including Add-ons and Workers)?

Heroes, Spells, Units, Buildings, Upgrades - is that everything?

Yes, those are the five different card types.


And remember, despite being buildings, building cards do not damage the base when destroyed.



Thanks all!

The other thing you’ll have trouble getting used to if you play Magic or similar is that you do not play spells.
Your heroes cast spells. Which means you can’t play a spell without a hero in play to play it.

This threw me off for the longest time with starter spells (trying to Pillage without a hero, for example). When I’m using the play-by-forum spreadsheet resource, I now always write out “[Hero X] casts [spell y]” instead of “Play [spell y].” This forces me to double check that I actually have someone to cast the spell. For in-person games, I would recommend saying out loud who casts what spells.

Other tips for new players: download a searchable .pdf of the rulebook . It’s much easier to find what you’re looking for, even if it forces you to have a tablet/phone/laptop handy.

There’s a ton of useful stuff in the collected resources page, but particularly check out the Beginners’ Guides and New Player Reference Sheets under “Strategy Discussions”.

Lastly but not leastly, check out this thread on keeping track of stuff in Codex. Most important to me, personally, were tips to help me remember when I had or had not yet Teched in my 2 cards for the next turn, and which was my draw vs. discard pile.

Have fun!


Ton of great info!

I’ve only played once so far, and had the strangest sensation of knowing exactly what to do and being completely bewildered at the same time. lol

Those keeping-track tips will come in especially handy!