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Intresting game records

As well as it is true for RTS some matches of codex are truly facsinating. I did enjoy to watch game replays of warcraft and starcraft, and so I do with codex youtube records or reading through play by forum codex is intresting as well.

But that’s true to some games more then to others…

So I want to create a tread where everyone could link to what they think is nice play, games with amazing twists, great swinging matchups or whatever one likes in codex games.

Please share your expirience and post what you think is the best game of codex.


This is one of the best games I’ve had. Mistakes on both sides but multiple interesting dramatic reversals and all of our thoughts at the time are there in the thread (which is the best part of these threads).


I’ll volunteer my game in CAPS '17 vs. EricF, as many others said they found the game very entertaining to watch

It heavily incorporates Finesse, including the rarely used Harmony, Maestro, and Star-Crossed Starlets. It also features a 20-to-0 finish on P1T7 which included 3 units from hand/graveyard and 3 angry dancers


Can confirm, was entertained. :wink:

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Yes, 5 star, would visit again :smiley: