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Crazy Map King-of-the-Hill

How it works:

Players can join the contest at any time by posting a reply to this thread with a build of 3 factions (first one determines starter as usual) and a map card to serve as their base, e.g. “Join [Anarchy]/Blood/Fire, Big Game Hunters”. When a player joins, they start with 1 victory point (“VP”) and are eligible to attack other players, be attacked, or resign. Even if a player resigns or is eliminated, they can rejoin with a build and 1 VP. It’s probably a good idea to try a different build when rejoining, but that’s not required. Builds can’t be changed at any other time.

Attacks are declared by posting a reply to this thread naming the attack target, e.g. “Attack username”. A player can only declare one attack at a time, and attacks are resolved in the order they were posted. If a player involved in an attack declaration (“AD”) resigns or is eliminated before the AD takes effect, the AD becomes invalid and its post should be deleted. An attacker can also voluntarily cancel an AD that is not yet valid by deleting their AD post. Otherwise, once both players are available to participate, the AD becomes valid and the attacker should create a new thread tagging the defender and posting their turn, and then link to the post with their first turn from their AD post. The attacker is always player 1, and the map card used is always the defender’s base. The winner of the game gets half the loser’s VP, rounded up, and the loser is eliminated. Once the game is complete, the attack is resolved and the AD post should be updated with the winner, their build, and their new VP total.

Players can resign from the contest at any time and for any reason by posting “Resign”. Players can also rejoin in the same post they resign. If a player resigns during a game (i.e. they have posted at least 1 turn and then resign), the other player is considered the winner and earns VP as normal. Otherwise, the resigning player’s VP simply disappears and any ADs they are named in become invalid, even if those ADs are posted earlier than the resignation. A player involved in a valid unresolved attack is considered to automatically resign if they don’t post any activity for more than a week from the most recent of: an opponent of theirs posted a turn, or an attack they’ve declared becomes valid.

Players will need to browse through this thread when deciding whom to attack, so please try to limit posts to joins, ADs, and resigns. If some other post in this thread is necessary, please delete it as soon as it’s no longer necessary.

For ease of reference, here are the map cards:

  • Big Game Hunters Each player gets an extra $2 during each of their upkeeps.
  • Bloodbowl All units have +1 ATK and haste.
  • Burial Grounds Whenever a hero dies, it’s gone forever this game.
  • Daggerfall Prison Camp Hiring workers doesn’t cost a card.
  • Flagstone Mines Players can hire any number of workers per turn.
  • Fury Road Players can only have one patroller at a time.
  • Hard Times Mill Workers cost an extra $1 to hire.
  • Lost Temple Players ignore all tech building requirements and don’t need heroes to cast spells.
  • Mystical Forest Whenever you would ready a unit or hero during your turn, you may put a +1/+1 rune on it instead.
  • No Rush 15 Minutes Prevent all damage until after each player has taken four turns.
  • Pinnacle Heroes can cast ultimate spells even if they aren’t max level and even if they arrived that turn. Dead heroes must wait an extra turn to be resummoned.
  • Vortoss Ruins Players can’t build the heroes’ hall or tech lab add-ons, but automatically get their effects.

Current high score: zhavier with 7 VP
All-time record high score: Shadow_Night_Black with 9 VP

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Join [Demonology]/Growth/Strength, Fury Road

Join [Necromancy]/Truth/Discipline, Bloodbowl

Knocked out by Shadow_Night_Black

Join Mono Purple, Vortoss Ruins (I know it doesn’t do much for me, but the theming is important no?)


Attack zhavier

The winner is zhavier Necromancy/Truth/Discipline at the Bloodbowl, now in the lead with 2 VP!

(FrozenStorm’s attack fizzles as Nekoatl’s base is no more.)

Join: Vandy + Jaina & Orpal,Pinnacle

Shadow_Night_Black successfully defends the Vortross Ruins, and goes up to 2 VP

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I’ll set up shop in the Flagstone Mines as [Necro]/Future/Truth, and if I’m understanding correctly @Nekoatl’s base is not currently under siege? If so, my forces will head there


Join: Flagstone Mines as [Necro]/Future/Truth

Attack Nekoatl

Join [Disease]/Law/Truth, Flagstone Mines

Attack FrozenStorm

Nekoatl [Disease]/Law/Truth at Flagstone Mines is victorious, now with 2 VP

Attack @Nekoatl at the Flagstone Mines.

Zhavier [Necromancy]/Truth/Discipline vs Nekoatl [Disease]/Law/Truth at Flagstone Mines

Zhavier was Victorious, now at 3 VP.

Attack @Shadow_Night_Black at the Vortoss Ruins.

Zhavier [Necromancy]/Truth/Discipline vs Shadow_Night_Black Mono-Purple at Vortoss Ruins

Attack failed, Shadow_Night_Black now at 4 VP.

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Join [Necromancy]/Past/Truth at the Vortoss Ruins

I shall rejoin as the same

Join [Necromancy]/Truth/Discipline, Bloodbowl

Attack Shadow_Night_Black

Shadow_Night_Black (Mono Purple at Vortoss Ruins) is victorious and now has 5 VP.

Join [Necromancy]/Past/Truth at the Lost Temple.

I am going to try attacking @Shadow_Night_Black again!

Second times the charm, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Even more points to be earned!

@Shadow_Night_Black is victorious once again, clearly this codex is not a ruins breaking codex. :stuck_out_tongue:


I shall rejoin as something completely different!

Join [Necromancy]/Blood/Truth, Bloodbowl

Attacking @Shadow_Night_Black again at the vortoss ruins.

Once more I retreat, defeated. Shadow_Night_Black now has another VP.

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Well, @Nekoatl, we are the last two standing, so shall we see who the victor is?

Attack @Nekoatl at the Lost Temple.

The Vortoss are victorious and emerge with 8VP! With no one left to fight, they wait for a new challenger to appear…

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