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[Codex Meet Ups] Toronto, Canada

Hi everyone, mysticjuicer here to bring you some more IRL gaming action! This was a lot of fun last time we did it, with much Yomi, Codex, and other board and card games getting played!

Next Scheduled Meet Up Details

Where: 401 games because they have a gaming area that’s free to use and you can even bring food in there!
When: Saturday, November 26th @ noon

Let me know if you’re interested in coming out, or if you have any questions about getting there. If you can’t make it for that date, please feel free to suggest an alternative! I’ll bring a full complement of Codex, as well as all 20 Yomi characters. I’m really itching to play a bunch of Codex, so if you’re looking for a bunch of games of that, I am more than happy to focus on that!

Tagging people who came last time and might be interested (and have forum accounts here)! If you have friends who’d like to come, invite them out! Moar people = moar gaming = more better!



Yes i am totally in! Oct 15 is perfect since it will be my last weekend before i fly to London. Wow two met up in one month how lucky i’m I :grin:
I may not have a codex box yet but looking forward to some live play!


It’s not 100% that I can come, but I’m penciling this in! Any October Saturday other than the 1st is good for me. Should be able to find a place on airbnb for the night.


@UTRALAW Meeplemart is indicating that they will have the Core Set and Starter Sets in on Friday (Sept 23rd)…just saying.

Right now, I’m 90% sure I’ll be there. I’ll see how much Codex stuff I can bring with me (4 binders & 2 mats at least).

Thanks @mysticjuicer for setting this up again!


WOAH thanks for the heads up @ap49. Will check it out this weekend for sure :smiley:

BTW i assume you mean the Meeplemart near Spadina and Dundas (it the only one i know :P)

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Correct location for Meeplemart.

np…anything to promote more Codex players in Toronto! :grinning:

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Ahh, I’m so jealous. Unfortunately I moved to the west coast about a week ago :S. I’ll be home in December if there’s another one of these though!


Dangit! Sorry about the bad timing! :cry: I’ll try to time something for December, though I can’t promise anything - I’ll be moving around that time, and the holidays are always pretty hectic anyway. We shall see!

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Dang was looking forward to playing against your black deck in codex @Swagmaster_Turtle another time then


Um sorry guys looks like I will be late for this event again I have to work in the morning. Much apology I just hope u guys will still be there.
On a side note meeplemart codex shipment has not arrived yet =(

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@UTRALAW I checked on and they are selling it on pre-order, unless you prefer to pick it up at meeplemart once they have stock.

Oh i love they were the only place around Toronto that had the last 3 yomi character i needed. The thing is if im gonna order the core set from them i rather wait until i get back from my trip and order the full deluxe box set (i don’t want the package to arrived and no one is there to pick it up :P) . Since the only reason i went to meeplmart was because i wanted ANY codex deck to start playing.and maybe bring it to the meet up here and in London.

I have a solid maybe from me, depending on how well I can convince my mother to let me go, and how fast I get homework done. I’ve never played codex before, but I’m sure I’ll crush you in it anyways.

Sent with Love and Hype.


Bad news boys,

Mom steam-rolled me on the bargaining table.

I can understand why, though. She doesn’t know any you, and none of you are my age. Plus, she found the meet location sketchy before.

But, before I leave you, there is one thing I dearly, dearly ask for…




Sent with Love and MOAR HYPE.


Sorry to hear, but I can understand your mom’s point of view. I’ll try to tweet lots during the event so you can participate vicariously on social media. :slight_smile: Maybe next time I put together a meet-up she would be interested in coming down for a an hour or two, to meet people?

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Is it the 15th already?

Can’t wait for some Codex action!


So i cannot wait and order my deluxe set last night but don’t think i be getting it in time for the meet up. On the positive side i have a PnP of white and purple sleeved up and ready to go :smiley: . Work is only half day for me that day so i should be there around 3 ish

@mysticjuicer i don’t know if you know about 401 new time change to their upstairs game room but the room is now open on Saturday from 11:30 am to 11 pm just wanted to give you a heads up.


Sick! Thanks for the heads up!

FYI…Codex has arrived @ 401games!


OMG i just got my tracking number e-mail today there a small chance i may get it before the meet up crossing my fingers