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Storage solutions and pimping out the deluxe set - anyone else tinkering?

First off, this might be my new favourite game of all time. It was really pricey in Canada, but now that I have the Deluxe edition, I can attest that it was super worth it. While I really appreciate the great component quality, that huge Deluxe box its hardly travel worthy. Also, I kind of dislike tokens in general and much prefer dice So I’ve set out to pimp out my Codex set. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Please feel free to contribute ideas.

12mm Dice to replace many of the tokens The dice are easy to read and manipulate, but don’t overcrowd the card the way the tokens do:
Amazon 12mm dice - Canada

Gold - Gold count, worker count, hero levels.
Red - Base\tech\addon HP, damage on other targets.
Green - Conditional effects that increase the power of things (not an actual +1/+1 token). Sometimes it’s hard for people to see those types of conditional effects, so I find these really help with that. The +1/+1 tokens themselves are easy enough to use, and don’t occur or change that often. Same with the -1/-1 tokens.
Black - I’m sure something will come up. Everyone loves black dice.

Dragon Shield sleeves on all regular sized cards. I wanted to keep the original card backs and this was the only way I could think to easily differentiate them. The Codex sleeves mean you can’t easily sort token cards from non-token cards by backs alone.

Scythe Coins - Metal coins are something I’ve wanted for awhile now, and these look like the best value, utility, and style. There are so many games with annoying-as-f*ck coins (I’m looking at you Five Tribes), and many more that would simply benefit from having really awesome looking and feeling coins (Jamaica!). While I may end up returning to dice, I’m certainly willing to try again once I get the metal ones.

Small travel box for dice and non-codex cards. Definitely a work in progress. I think the key is to get the right size of box so that the dividers help instead of adding to the insanity. As is, the cards and dice fly all over the place when I travel. I’ll probably use foam core to make some divider grooves or something. Toss all the dice in the adjacent section maybe.

Codex binder carrying solution? Another work in progress. As is, I toss the binders into my book bag. The problem is if the binder is placed upside down (which is pretty easy to do given the omni-directional art), many of the cards fly out. To be fair, since I don’t have the sleeves yet, they might fit much better once sleeved. Problem solved. I guess I need a box that fits exactly? Note - For me, the Deluxe box is too big to carry, but too small to carry everything. It’s a gorgeous display piece, but doesn’t do what I need it to do.

Anyhow, once it’s all put together, I’ll snap some pics together. For the moment. I’d love to hear your thoughts and if anyone else has started to pimp out their Codex set. Thanks for reading.


Whereabouts in Canada? If you’re in the region of Toronto, consider coming out for some games on October 15th!

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Heh, guys are all over getting games together. Ottawa, actually. My brother lives in Kitchener, though. He plays but doesn’t have his own set.

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I’m actually using dragon shield for my heros, tokens, and map cards while using the codex sleeves for all of the codex default back cards. So far it has been pretty effective. I also particularly like the quality of the codex sleeves.

In my PbP set, I use MTG spin-down dice for base health, solid-colored D8 for hero levels, and PennyGems for everything else.

PennyGems are very pretty and versatile tokens. They stack well and are easy to count even in a stack.
Check them out on etsy; big recommendation.


That’s clever. And I’m glad to hear that the quality is great.

To be fair, back in Kickstarter times the Canadian dollar was so low and shipping so expensive that it would have run me like $210 CAD to sleeve the cards, instead of $60CAD.

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Woah, slick! PennyGems are awesome. Not quite sure what it is about the dice. I am used to them, sure. I think I also prefer to change the state of thing (the side) rather than adding more or taking things off. Maybe if they make Codex specific ones :smiley:

I am starting to think that D8’s are the way to go for hero levels. I’ll start hunting for small ones.

You guys have a meetup link?

Link to the meet up @seejay

Also for tokens if u have other sleeve colors use them so you don’t shuffle them into hand or deck I may do that with my heros too.
I also buy alot from the USA online and yeah it can be dame expensive shipping alone one time was close to 80 dollars

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Thanks. Sent my bro your way.

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This thread is a lot like that thread

Woah, thanks!