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Cleveland Ohio Players

Do we have any codex players near cleveland ohio? :slight_smile:

I’m at CWRU

I just got my set and I’m in Lakewood.

I am in Seven Hills/Parma Area we should play! I havent received my set yet!

I’m currently planning to take my set down to Critical Hit in Cleveland Heights next Thursday evening (around 6), and next Saturday (they open at 11, I’ll probably be there around noon). It’s a good store with plenty of room. Come by if you want to play.

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I like Critical Hit. I might be able to come on Thursday evening, and even bring some of my friends to play. I have class that day until 5:15, so I might come a bit after 6:00 if I do. This Saturday is probably a no-go for me.

I’ll try to make it up Thursday too! Maybe ill have my codex set by then

Just confirming you are still planing Thursday evening, I just got my shipping notification and will be getting codex on Thursday. If so I will meet you up there!

Yup. I’ll be there.

I’ll be at CH in 20 mins.

It was nice meeting you guys, thanks again for teaching me the basics and answering my questions! For anyone else interested we met up and played a few games @ critical hit in cleveland heights. We plan to play again next week so feel free to tune in.

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Do we want to do this again this week? I think we talked about doing it Wednesday.

Also, you two want to meet there before 6, that’s fine with me. 6 is just the earliest I can make it.

Wednesday sounds good to me

Just confirming, we doing Wednesday?

I’ll be there

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running late, accidents everywhere and traffic is brutal…

Alright. Im hanging out here.

Tonight was fun, finally getting to the point where I am starting to comprehend how to tech properly. Thanks again for the matches.

I’m hanging out at Critical Hit right now for at least another hour, if anyone’s interested.

I would have with further notice, too late now lol