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Cleveland Ohio Players

Yeah, sorry. On the plus side, I got to teach someone to play, and he liked it a lot.

Incidentally what do people think about meeting up next Wednesday early? I have the day off and nothing else to do.

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I could be there at 5.

Cool. I’ll be there.

Nevermind. Something came up. I won’t be there today. I also probably won’t be able to come up for a couple weeks.

I also won’t be there. I have to study for midterms.

I live in Columbus, I can probably swing by now and then. My work has an office in Cleveland, so it would be an excuse to head up there for a day.

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We haven’t met up in a while. Would anyone be interested in meeting some time next week? Maybe Thursday night?

I could do Thursday evening. Where do you want to meet up? Critical Hit?

I moved to Kent a few months ago from MI. No car, but if anyone is ever in the Kent/Akron area I’d love to play Codex (or Yomi).

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Actually, something came up, so I can’t make it today. We should definitely try to do this again, though.

No worries. I actually also can’t make it today anyway. Maybe sometime next week? I’m free for the entire week starting Tuesday evening.

Bump? I’m available all week, as well as Sunday and Monday next week. After that, I’m heading home for the holidays, and won’t be back until the middle of January.

How about Saturday? I can be there around noon. Let me know what time works.

Saturday at noon should work for me.

Cool. See you there