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When the [Codex] hits just right


We were playing random heroes
I was bashing necro truth
I had mirror from previous turn.kill patroller with garth, Max garth to heal and bring Harvest Reaper, quince copies HR. HR clears patrol.
The damage this turn had done was so massive my opponent had no way to comeback

It felt great that I actually used all specs in one turn


Since it was requested, I’ll link my recent CAPS winning turn here :slight_smile:

[Demon]/Finesse has so many great synergies, but this one wasn’t something I had really thought about until this game: A straight 20 to 0 turn primarily driven by Graveyard and Maestro making Nimble Fencer and Star-crossed Starlets free!


Can verify, that Codex did hit just right for FrozenStorm. That was a pretty epic turn.


tfw exactsies :sob::ok_hand:


That moment when you realize that it was a good thing you didn’t worker Traffic Director, because Drill Sergeant can load him up with + runes for unstoppably attacking buildings


I don’t think that works since Traffic Director is untargetable and the Drill Sergeants target with their runes. Regardless of that, however, I love the idea!


Since you probably didn’t worker Manufactured Truth either, you should still be able to pull your combo off eventually!


Huh, I thought untargetable only applied to opponents. Hmm.




yeah, all the 1/1 ignore patroller tech 0s all have ways that make it difficult to impossible to get them to deal more then 1 to anything.


the only exception, in a way is nullcraft.


You might want to quote who you are referencing. It sounds like you are referencing the post immediately before:

In order to contradict it.

In this case, Nullcraft does have ways that make it difficult to get them to deal more than 1 damage to anything.


i am not contradicting clan, just saying than nullcraft is the only techo unit that can be BA/DS buffed, and having both haste and fly can be considered (sort of) a tech 0 unstoppable unit.


yeah it’s a sliding scale. Nullcraft has some restrictions, but the least of any of them

  • Pestering Haunt: can’t have more than 1 attack, so no boosts work
  • Traffic Director: Untargetable, so only non-targeted boosts (Drakk midband, War Drums, Stampede) work
  • Smoker: Gets bounced when targeted, so only the above things work. However it has a role in an infinite rune combo with [white]/peace/finesse, so it indirectly contributes
  • Spectral Aven: is an illusion, so only non-targeted boosts work unless you have Macciatus
  • Nullcraft: Can’t be targeted by buff spells, so non-targeted boosts work as well as +1/+1 runes from units


Don’t forget Chaos Mirror!


When I play Red, it’s easy to tell when I will play Fire: if I’m P1 and draw Bloodburn on my first turn, well, hey, no need to patrol anything, so why not just get that upgrade down on the board?

After getting the miracle draw of both copies of Hotter Fire on my very first turn with a working Tech II, things started to look good and in fact kept looking good, even as @Jeremetroid brought out Potent Basilisks to destroy my Bloodburn and one of my Hotter Fires.

But then, I found myself with a bunch of Lobbers and Firebats on the table and just one guy patrolling in “draw 1 card,” and the card I drew from his death was… the Hotter Fire that was just destroyed earlier that turn.

The next turn I exhaust both Lobbers and both Firebats, and deal, what, 14 damage directly to his base? Something like that. He’d already taken base damage by that point as well.

Then I brought out Drakk and put him in the patrol zone and said gg



Purple (me) vs Black vs White

Black has 0 dmg base, tower, squad leader Plague spitter, technician Orpal
2 plague labs
1 tech 3

White has 11dmg on base, surplus, full patrol zone with units (no flyers, no anti-airs)

0 dmg to base, tech lab
Ebbflow Archon down to 1time rune and -3/-3 runes
Nebula with -3/-3
Maxband Geiger with -3/3

To avoid tie breaker between me and Black which would probably end in him winning, I had to find a way to deal damage to him and finish White.
Hmmm Nebula flies over dealing 4 damage to his base then Ebb who is invisible would finish white. Oh wait! Ebb is 1 dmg short from dealing lethal !
(And if nebula dies to plague spitter Ebb will lose invisible anyways, but we didnt notice this while playing)
What to do

3 cards at hand Seer, time spiral, xenostalker)
Play seer -> Ebb @2 time runes
Play time spiral -> Ebb @3 time runes
Ebb bounces plague spitter (I could have used Nebula ability too) and orpal, max band Geiger (3/4 with -3/-3) attacks Black’s base for 1dmg because I didnt tell you I just Assimilated White’s Training Grounds in my previous turn!!!
Invisible Ebb and flying Nebula finishes White’s base.


Another good turn when White had squad leader Vigor Adept and technician Mind-Parry monk, Daigo Stormborne
4 cards at hand

I playe Ebbflow Archon, summonned geiger, cast now on Ebb, Vir cast Uphase on Ebb
Invisible Ebb kills mind parry monk, bounces vigor adept and any other units/heroea in the back, Vir attacks Daigo’s building

Next turn is Black’s who had his board wiped in a previous turn except for his plague labs and a bone collector. Black uses bone collector to kill Daigo’s building. (Yes I didnt bounce BC to conspire with him against Hero’s Monument)


After an hour, I finally manage — finally! — to get Ebbflow Archon in hand, and with Vir I throw it on top of my deck so that I’ll have enough money to play it next turn, because Slow Time Generator has limited me to four gold and one extra I had from the patrol zone or something.

For the first time in three or four turns, my Tech III survives, and out comes Ebbflow Archon to bounce five cards on the other side. “Huh,” I think. “Maybe I should actually bounce my own unit I have in play, so that Second Chances will trigger when Ebbflow Archon dies from fading during upkeep.” So I do. In the meanwhile, there is a sort of determined refusal to concede in the face of Ebbflow Archon, despite Slow Time Generator.

The next turn, @Jeremetroid plays Sacrifice the Weak in a desperate last-ditch attempt to rob me of my sole remaining unit, but then Ebbflow Archon is all “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,” which may have been a little overdramatic, but it did cause him to respawn with all seven time runes and also no exhaustion on my turn.

“Oh, right. I concede after all.”