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When the [Codex] hits just right


black/green ended up winning but either way it was a great moment.


That feel when you deal 18 damage to your opponent’s base in a single turn. :nauticaldog: :ok_hand:

  • Clear patrol zone with shenanigans
  • Attack with Geiger and Tricycloid to deal 5
  • Use Geiger maxband to flicker Tricycloid
  • Use Now! to give it haste, attack base and then fire on the base 3 times, dealing 9
  • Use Temporal Distortion to replace it with Hyperion deal 4



Using Quince mirrors to copy your opponent’s Warp Gate Disciple to summon your own Warp Gate Disciples because you went Discipline this game :nauticaldog: :ok_hand:

I mean, I lost, but that game got downright weird.


Isn’t that line missing a point of damage? Shouldn’t you have attacked with tricycloid, then max banded Geiger, then attacked with Geiger?


Possibly. I still had money left over after doing all that, and his base was at 18, so I didn’t need to be any more efficient than I already was.


Doing one more damage than necessary isn’t hitting :ok_hand: just right :ok_hand:


Due to a combination of weird draws and relying a bit too much on teching Warp Gate Disciple shenanigans, last night while playing Purple I actually managed to get an Octavian on the board with my Hardened Mox still alive (because Hardened Mox explicitly says it’s trashed when a Tech II unit is on the board, with no mention of Tech III).

Then @Jeremetroid immediately used Entangling Vines and Mind-Parry Monk to effectively neutralize Octavian :frowning:


sounds more like a red herring tale.


When your opponent summons an Octavian on turn 6 but you’ve got a Mind Parry Monk and Entagling vines combo in your hand to lock that 8 tentacled monstrosity down :ok_hand:


Warp Gate Disciple was intended for Now! and Ready or Not shenanigans that never manifested. Instead I got wrecked to the point where I had a WGD actually patrolling. It was pretty grim.


Now I have this wonderful image of the Mind Parry Monk standing there with eight beams of psycho-kinetic focus shining from his forehead, holding back all of Octavian’s tentacles, with a satisfied grin on his face. Octavian, deep in his cephalopod brain, thinking “That one. I eat that one first.”


Last week, while playing with @Jeremetroid, I decided to go Feral against his Monowhite. I figured that he’d tech in Entangling Vines, expecting a Gigadon, so I decided to pull a Nature Reclaims, just in case. The trap was set, and the catch was sprung, as he Entangling Vines-ed my Gigadon the turn after I played it. No need to worry — I had Nature Reclaims in hand, allowing me to trash Entangling Vines* and get some value out of Gigadon the next turn. Awesome!

Then he played his other Entangling Vines on my Gigadon.

*Apparently, vines + vines = no vines. Maybe one of them is actually made of antivines.


If you were attacking with gigadon, he couldnt possibly vine it since that card only works against patrollers. Very neat use of nature reclaim


[gasps audibly]


Oh deary me…


I missed the part where the 2 vines were played against the same unit in the same turn :upside_down:.
What an evil guy that rook is


Naw, he actually played Entangling Vines two turns in a row, but we both failed to realize that it’s limited to patrollers on the second turn. : O


Time for a rematch I guess.


Got maxband Drakk and somehow he lives through the opponent’s turn. Good good. Awesome! Land Octopus! Time to get some serious value with Haste and Frenzy — looks like it’s time to clear out that patrol zone.

Awesome! Drew another Land Octopus the following turn! Great! And Drakk’s still around because I wiped the other side clean last turn. Time to take out two heroes in one hit, taking only 1 damage from Arg!


Woohoo Octopus!!!