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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


Status report:
I’ve been in London for two days and it’s pretty cool.
Book club might not be possible, no one else has returned my messages or calls.

Tonight I think I’ll eat at St Christopher’s and check it out.


I popped my head in on my way to the theatre, but I wasn’t feeling hungry. I did see the places you can book tables, and it looks nice.
Very much a pub though.

If people enjoy the sound of that, I can suck it up and book us in.


Confirmed attending:


Please give your thoughts on location so I can make a final decision.


I’m defo coming.

Re the Waterstones hampstead venue, did you try contacting them to see if they can stay open till 10pm? Our twice monthly games group use the venue and it is fantastic.


They told me the café closes at six. Do you regularly stay later?


I have 0 knowledge and am therefore fine with anything. I’ve outlined my general preferences earlier but these are not partilarly strong:


@APALM pls


I have messaged you their manager’s email - they always stay open late for us. They are keen to be a “community presence”


So are we narrowing down a location? Everyone I know IRL is a pointless waste of protein who inexplicably doesn’t like Codex so I’m going to need to show up to this as a kind of necessary return to sanity.


I am in the final stages. I emailed water stones and the book club got back to me, so I’ll probably check them out and hopefully one of those two will be our venue!


damn I didn’t get tagged what a snub


A snoc snub.


He got snookered.




Don’t you folks call that football?


Hi everyone, I know I’m late to this - but I only joined the forum a couple of days ago.

Unfortunately I can’t make it to the meetup - I live in Durham, and my wife and I have a 3-year old son and a 4-week old baby daughter. So there’s no way I could do a 6-hour drive or 3-hour train journey down to London (each way) at such short notice, awesome though it would be to meet some other Codex enthusiasts. (My Deluxe set only arrived last week, and I have few if any other people up here to play it against. I also own Yomi, Puzzle Strike and Flash Duel, although not the most recent versions of any.)

I’m only really posting in case there are any other Codex enthusiasts in the north of England who I could possibly meet up for a game with at some point. Obviously somewhere in the North East would be ideal for me, but I reckon I could probably get to the Leeds or even Manchester area for a meetup if the date was right.

Anyway, have an awesome time on the 29th! Wish I could be there.


Cool! I’m actually planning to come visit my cousin in Durham at some point before the end of the year, so maybe I can pack some binders and we can find a chance to play. I’ll post again when I have more firm plans and we can see if we can set something up.


Cool, that would be awesome if you could manage to find some free time while you’re in Durham - would mean virtually no travel at all for me. And there’s no need to bring binders - I can bring my own Deluxe set, I’m only a beginner so I’m not bothered about us both being able to use the same spec.

Really not sure of the best venue - I don’t think I want to play my shiny expensive Deluxe Codex in a pub (especially as I’m a die-hard non-sleever, although even if I did sleeve my cards I wouldn’t risk playing this in a pub), and while I’m sure you’d be welcome in our house, the likely presence of a baby and a toddler probably wouldn’t be ideal! Just contact me (perhaps via PM) when you have some plans and I’m sure we can come up with something though :smile:


Ok fellas, venue confirmed, Waterstones Hampstead, 12-8pm.

Hope to see you there!


Great work - thanks for organising this mate.