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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


I’m happy to get the train there on Friday evening and either head back home overnight or find a friend’s to crash at. Also, yeah @Bomber678 basically just pick a place and we can go with it. If you want to traipse round a load next week when you’re in London, that could be good, or not as they are somewhat spread out.


I be ok with whatever location you pick. I would prefer if you can pick a location by Oct 20 just so I can research how to get there. But not a big deal, looking forward to meeting everybody. :grin:

Btw just making sure but the meet up day is still saturday October 29 th correct?


In case i can get there, where are u guys staying for the night? so if there is a free room, i could get to chat with u. u can send me the info via convo, for privacy :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, I’m looking for places at AirBNB now. What suburb/area should I check specificall if I want to do tourism stuff (museums + sights)? I don’t mind a bit of commute if that’s less money than I safe by staying ain a cheaper area.


London’s well enough connected that if you are within walking distance of a Tube station, you can get anywhere without too much bother. Other than that, just the more central the better.


I haven’t even decided yet, but probably some kinda hostel.
As soon as I’ve booked I’ll let you know!


Just learned that London Comic Con is on the same weekend, sweet!
Will probably go on Sunday. :slight_smile:


Wow that is cool! Let’s go together!


Some friends who moved to London will be going. I can’t guarantee that they won’t mind a stranger but I highly doubt they’ll have a problem with it.


Pfff I’m not a stranger. We’re best friends!


Was a venue confirmed? Hampstead waterstones is great (northern tube line)


Are you going general or priority entry?


My friends are going standard. So I will as well.


I’m doing a bunch of research on venus right now, and I hope to have one selected before I go to bed tonight.


Still researching…


I love the idea that Bomber misread the email and has been looking for places to stay on Venus. “Man, this place has really bad tourist information and the commute into central London is over three months!”


So one particular question stands out to me, though I already know what my answer is.

Would people prefer a kind of “day” event, from something like 10am to 6pmish, (hours depending on how long people want to play) or a more “evening” event, something like 2pm to 10pm.

The answer to this question determines which place I will decide on.


I would prefer to have the morning and noon for some sightseeing.


On the subject of venues:
Draughts doesn’t allow bookings on the weekends, and also has a maximum session time of four hours on the weekends. So I struck them off.

Gladstone sounded promising, but the 29th is their final night before they close down and they’re having a huge party. Darn!

Waterstones looks nice as well but closes at 6pm, so isn’t really suitable if we want to go later.

I’m looking into the Book Club, having emailed them. Expecting a response soon I guess?

I’ve sent a message to the Loading Bar, asking about their venues, hoping to hear from them soon too.

White Moustache will get back to me via email too.

I’m waiting for Sylvan Post to open so I can call them.

Sooo because I need to go to bed soon, by the time I wake up it will be night time in Britain. Then I’ll be boarding my first flight to another state tomorrow afternoon.
So by the time I’ve managed to correspond with all these places, I might be trapped on my flight to Britain.

Basically what I’m saying is I can’t guarantee having this finalised until the end of the week.
I know, that makes it hard for everyone. I’m sorry. I’m doing my best.


Hope you have a safe flight Bomber =D!