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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


Which game materials can the locals provide? Especially when it comes to Codex. I don’t mind bringing 1 or 2 binders of the stuff I want to play but a playmat will be a bit unwieldy. :wink:
I still do have more portable version I’ve made from the PbP files for myself though.


Im bringing my PnP purple and white since my deluxe has not arrived yet.

Also just to confirm this is the address of the place we will be at correct?

68-69 Hampstead High St, London NW3 1QP, United Kingdom


I’m bringing codex deluxe, yomi v2 all decks and flash duel.


You are globe trotting with all that stuff? =D


… It’s been an interesting trip.


I’ll have Codex deluxe, Yomi Round 1 plus Valerie, Lum, Rook and Gloria, as well as Pandante Light and Dark, and I’ll probably bring along a Macbook Air with an oldish build of FSFG on it too. Maybe Epic as well, if we are allowed to play non Sirloin games


I dunno man, strictly even playfields only.


We played Epic, it is definitely even playfield


I’ve got Codex deluxe, puzzle strike and shadows, yomi 1st ed and pandante 1st ed.

I’m closest so let me know what you would like me to bring.


Don’t worry about yomi first ed.
For your pandante, is it deluxe?

Also bring dat codex and puzzle strike


Nope, Pandante 1st ed is bargain bucket version


Probably not worth bringing. I’ll ask rincy to bring his deluxe if people want pandante, I think.


I’ll bring my Codex Delux set too.

Also, I’m all booked up with Train tickets. I was able to travel down in the morning and head back in the evening so no need for an overnight stay. Huzzah!

Gonna be a long day.


Wow, that’s quite a journey! Hope you don’t get back too late


Should roll into Newcastle around 1am! Easy!



Comeon, there must be pictures. Right?


Mate it’s not till Saturday be patient


Fenrir - does that mean you’re from Newcastle, or is it just a stopping off point?

Sorry to be a pain - I don’t know anyone else in this community yet, I’m just excited to discover the possibility of Codex players in the North East of England. (As said above, I live in Durham and have no-one to play with :sob:)

(And please don’t anyone ask why I paid stupid money for a Deluxe set when I knew full well I’d have no-one to play with. I just thought it sounded awesome, and had the excuse that I might be able to play it with my son in about 10 years…)


Robinz I used to live in Durham, and have loads of friends up there who would love to play Codex. PM me and I can give you some emails of people.


I am from Newcastle. :slight_smile: