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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


When I get off my arse and do some research.
Other people also invited to help with more recommendations I can lookup!


I did a bit of googling, here are some links to consider:

  • London on Board: meetup group whose list of venues may be worth mining
  • Jugged Hare: pub that seems to be the location for the London Playtest group
  • Draughts: London’s first board game cafe


Never been to London but here are some location that may also be of interested

The link also lists the Address of each location with some picture of each venue

On the top 5 list they also listed Snoc pick of Draughts, may also be a good idea to maybe book ahead of time a table or two as a suggestion.


I suppose I should ask everyone, would you prefer to be at a board game shop, a board game friendly bar, or a board game cafe?


I guess a bar or cafe has a slightly higher chance of comfy seats. That and the easier time getting resupplied if we’re able to order as we play.

So either of those gets my vote, though I honestly don’t mind where we end up


Yeah, refreshments are definitely a point in favour of a pub or café, especially if we’re going to be there all day. Other than that, location and opening hours are also things to consider. The more central, the better, probably.


Agreed. I’ve never been to either a boardgame pub or cafe, but both sound nice. I usually prefer the atmosphere in cafes but I don’t mind either way.


I’m definitely a cafe person. I don’t drink alcohol and I generally find myself uncomfortable in environments where people do.
Meanwhile cafes usually have cakes or pies or hot chocolates or such things. Yummm!


Can one of the London people recommend a place to sleep over the weekend? I don’t much care for size as long as I have a clean bed and bathroom.
I’d obviously prefer to pay as little as possible, but I would like to stay as close to the important sights and/or city center as possible…


Here’s one suggestion.

Usually though you can just search for hostels and choose a slightly higher than lowest price and you’ll be pretty ok.



Seem like a cheap but decent hostel


Very refreshing to see an aussie who doesn’t drink


Stratford is kind of a long way out, at least by my reckoning. Maybe I just think that because I normally come in from the west/south side of things though.


Thanks for the suggestion, but they don’t seem to have any free single rooms for that weekend. I’ll just keep looking.


I don’t see myself using a hotel at all in any near future as I have been so happy with AirBnB. I’d go for an AirBnB if I could join this, just looking for something cheap with lots of reviews and lots of positive reviews ^^


Looks interesting - never tried BnB before.
Flights are booked btw.!


Similarly, I’ve heard good things about couch surfers.


As for location, I highly recommend the Waterstones bookshop in Hampstead, which has a great cafe. They host our twice monthly board games club. It is really easy to get to, being 30 seconds from Hampstead tube on the northern line.


That’s a good recommendation!

One more question for you guys, and this is an important one:
Since I seem to be the organiser (since I made the thread) do you want me to just choose one and roll with it, or should I delegate?
Also, if it does fall on me, I will be in London next week, so I could even go around and check some out. Or I could make a decision a lot sooner, so it’s easier for planning.

What do people think?


Good questions. I don’t think I care either way. I’ll probably look for a central BnB regardless of our location, since I’ll do some touristing anyway.

Btw.: I’ll arrive Friday morning, in case anyone is up for something.


Just tell me where and when. The sooner I know the easier it’ll be for me to book flights hotel’s etc.